Free vs Paid SSL Certificates – Difference, Pros and Cons
free vs paid ssl certificate

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Free vs Paid SSL Certificate – Find the major Difference

With Google labeling SSL Certificates as obligatory, everyone from a nascent blogger to a full-fledged Internet entrepreneur decided to get one for themselves. SSL certificates are not only about security but also about trust.


More than 70% of online shoppers look for SSL certificates before making an online transaction on the site. While everyone was trying to get an SSL certificate for their site, they were also confused whether to get a free SSL or a paid SSL Certificate.


Free VS Paid SSL is perhaps the most debated topic in the contemporary world of the Internet. Bloggers and webmasters are continuously putting forward the benefits of free SSL as well as Paid SSL. While the debate is on and is getting fiery with every second, people have forgotten that both paid as well as free SSL serves a unique purpose.


Let’s find the major differences between paid vs free SSL and settle the debate:

Lifespan: While a Paid SSL certificate’s validity is dependent upon you but a free SSL needs to be renewed after every 90 days. A webmaster can buy paid SSL for a year, two or even for five years and forget about it but with a free SSL, the service needs to be renewed every 90 days, which can be troublesome at times.


Level of authenticity:

Free SSL: A Free SSL is basically a Domain Validated (DV) Certificate. These certificates provide the only basic level of security and authenticity. Free SSL are preferred by blogs and static websites where no transaction occurs. Free SSL certificates are not ideal for e-commerce or websites that receives payment from the user. Even an organization cannot use Free SSL because it doesn’t provide Organization Validation.


Paid SSL: With a paid SSL you decide what you want. You can have a Domain Validated, Organization validated or even Extended Validation SSL certificates. With paid certificates, you get access to a green padlock, which represents trust and allows users you rely on your site for online shopping. In contemporary times, when online fraud is at its peak, a green padlock can kill or make a business.


Support: Free SSL certificate providers are not liable for providing online support in case anything goes wrong with your site. A Paid SSL reseller is bound to provide support 24X7. Certification Authorities (CAs) are liable to provide support to everyone who has paid for SSL certificate. With customer support, businesses can manage their resources well and get ahead of their competitors.


Warranty: When you have a paid SSL installed on your site, you are bound to receive compensation somewhere between $10 to $1.5 million in case of failure of SSL certificates in safeguarding important details like credit card number. With free SSL there’s nothing that can be done; A SSL Certificate leaves you on your own with no compensation coming towards you no matter how damaging the failure was.



The contemporary entrepreneurial environment is highly competitive; every enterprise is putting their best foot forward to make a difference. Do not miss onto opportunities while trying to save a few bucks. With a Paid SSL certificate, you can make a huge difference; get one for your online business today!

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