SSL Certificate Not Working? Fixes to SSL Certificate Issue
SSL not working

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Why is SSL Not Working on My Site?

The SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer whereas HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The SSL provide an assurance regarding any website’s security level and convey us regarding the threat which may be associated with the websites we are browsing or are frequent visitors to. Any website which is secured by a SSL certificate has HTTPS appearing in front of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) (NOTE: Do notice carefully that it states HTTPS and not HTTP).


Any details regarding the SSL certificate, the authority issuing the certificate and the one who owns the website can be viewed by clicking on the lock shaped icon on the browser bar in front of the URL of the website. The SSL works on an encrypted algorithm which makes it impossible to read for any unwanted malicious party who is trying to steal in your credentials and important details.  


The failure of SSL to work can have many reasons and the most common ones with their remedial measures are mentioned below- 


Has your SSL certificate expired? 

There can be many reasons for the SSL not working and most frequent being the expiry of the SSL certification. This can be checked by the following these simple steps for the latest Google Chrome version – 


  1. Click on the lock icon (also called padlock) 
  2. Click on Valid (written below certificate) 
  3. Check the expiration date 


Now if the SSL has been expired you have to renew the existing SSL certificate.  


Is the link or the resource Non-Secure?? 

Even after having a SSL certificate if the link or resource is non-secure it won’t open and you need to make them secure before having an access to them. Mostly it is when the link has HTTP instead of HTTPS and it can be made secured by the using a path for the website which is locally available through the HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) code. Refer the link to solve the problem  


The encryption of the SSL is not proper! 

Any of the automatic or man-made process is never cent percent accurate and may be problematic elusively (in case of automatic process). To check this one has to open Manage Your SSL section available in your Account section.


When any domain is secure it has a green padlock next to them and red in case of an insecure domain. “Let’s Encrypt” enabling is very important for the functioning of the SSL if it is still unavailable it means that the encryption process didn’t get encrypted properly and the domain configuration not proper.   


Hope this article helps in solving your problem. 

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