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.com vs .net

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Everything You Need To Know About – .Com Vs .Net

We all once in our lives stumble upon the thought of creating our own websites. Well, there are billions of things that we need to keep in mind while creating one. And it here where we all need to make a decision between domain extension names that is choosing between com and net. They both are the domain extensions often seen in the URLs. Their use varies from user’s purpose of using either one of these domain extension.

The domain name extension is not just limited to .com or .net, you also come across domain names like .org (for organisation, mostly the non-profit ones), .edu (for educational institutes), .gov (for government firms).

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is the part of the URL that you put in the address bar to go to your website. Domain name is like an identification of your organisation or business for online network.

 Now the question arises ‘What is the purpose of a Domain Name?’ So, if you are looking to make a website online for your business or organisation, then you are ought to have a distinctive URL with a better domain name for your website, in order to produce distinctive identity, grow awareness, and defend your logos and copyrights. But most important thing is to increase your website’s visibility by choosing the right domain name that does justice to the kind of organization or business you are running.

How to choose a better domain name?

First of all, while choosing a name for your domain, you need to remember that it is simple, use an acceptable domain extension, take care of any copyright issues because they can get you sued, choose a name that gives the idea to the visitor what your business does, an inspired name that implies to shoppers or visitors what they seek after they visit your website.

What do .com and .net mean?

The ‘com’ within the .com name indicates a commercial site, this may cowl business websites, websites that can help you to form cash online. On the opposite side ‘net’ within the .net name refers to network websites, it is absolutely designed for network and email service providers.

.COM Domain Extension

A quick history around the 90s is when we observed the dot-com mania. Its irrational growth still remains a topic to talk about. So, during this dot-com mania around 40% of the user on the internet contains .com as their domain extension. Moreover, its impeccable name and growth since the 90s, make the sites with the domain extension of dot-com legitimate. Not only this, it even makes the website look like a white-collar website.

.Net Domain Extension

This domain extension framework came into existence in the late 1990s. But in actuality, it came into the market in 2001. It uses a quiet dropped with increasing new URLs, but it could still come in handy if you own any organization relating to network, database hosting, or any other related service. Around only 4% to 5% of users are found opting for this domain extension. But there is no harm in opting for this domain extension if it provides sense to your domain name.

How to grasp a better domain name with a .com domain extension?

Well, it is not any secret that with the increased use of dot-com domain extension we sometimes are not able to land on the domain name of our choice. So, here are a few tips that could help you to grasp a better .com domain name.

– If you type a domain name with dot-com domain extension and you come across that it is already taken. Then, try putting a word in between, after, or before the words, you typed in but remember the word you are adding should justify the service your website’s providing.

– Try avoiding the use of numbers, even if you are unable to get the desired domain name, do use numbers to get a unique one.

– Lastly, there are numerous free as well as paid domain name generator sites that could prove to be helpful.

What is the benefit of using the .Net Domain extension?

We talk about how networking companies use .net, to be honest, many networking companies use .com also. There are 4% to 5% .net users i.e. around 13-14 million users, which is not a small number. But our main concern is how we can use .net to our benefit. Well, here is a trick which you do not want to miss. So, there are cases when an institution is thinking of starting their website and they do not get their desired domain name with .com extension, then they register their desired domain name with .net extension and later get it transferred to .com. Moreover, in some cases, the organization domain extension is .net but when the user clicks on that link they are redirected to .com. It is because certain companies do not want their domain name to use by another company by using a different domain extension.

Which is better domain Extension (.com or .net)

There are many different factors that affect the choice of better domain extension.

SEO Based choice

It is very important for a website’s owner that, his/her site reaches numerous clients. To get more clicks, to rank higher, or to increase visibility it is important that does domain extension really affect the performance of our websites.

Well, the answer is ‘NO’, it does not matter what your domain extension, the whole thing depends on how SEO-friendly is your content, because the search engine will not be partial in the website’s visibility according to your domain extension. The domain name weighs more than the domain extension. Lastly, the .com domain extension has an edge of ranking better over the .net domain extension because of the extensive audience only if you have the same domain name as someone else but in the .net domain extension.

Cost-Based Choice

Well, to be quite honest it is a clumsy process to buy a domain name that is already is owned by someone and might cost you much more than it is actually worth. This issue generally occurs with .com domain extensions than .net extensions because. net domain extensions are easily accessible. The only issue with the .net domain extension is the more marketing strategies because the competition is high with .com extensions. The .com domain extensions have already established their integrity since the 1990s.

The .com domain extension will cost you around $8 to $20 per year whereas the .net domain extensions will cost you around $10- $15 per year.

Industry Based Choice

The most important thing is to know which institution your company will be working for. Well, for nonprofit organizations .org domain extension is the better choice. If you are of blogging, online e-commerce, personal websites then the .com domain extension is the better choice. If you working for any networking technology company then you should definitely go for the .net domain extension.

As we are done with the better domain extension’s choice. Lastly, let’s get ourselves acquainted with ways to buy domain names.

How to buy a domain name for your website?

You could go for both the free as well as paid domain name according to your budget. We are aware that the domain name provides the address to our website. You could grab discounts on certain sites providing domain names. You could either buy a pre-owned domain name or you could invent your own domain name and get it registered. So, dig deep into it.

Buying a pre-owned domain name

First, get the information of the domain owner through some website or there is a directory called ‘WHOIS directory’. From where you could get access to the domain owner’s information.

Secondly, to bargain (negotiate) you could either pay a broker to get your job done or if you think you are capable of researching if the prices that domain owner is offering are fair, then you could go ahead and get the job done by yourself.

Lastly, never pay through google pay or Paytm, for such deals where you know nothing about the owner never wire your money. Instead, you could use the service called ‘ESCROW SERVICE’ for buying or selling. It is quite safe.

Registering your own unique domain name

To get your domain registered there are many sites available. Its better you research according to your own preferences and then chooses the one. Just to give you an idea of how to get registered I will use an example of one of these sites.

Step 1: Generate a domain name using the tools available online, if you are unable to come up with one. The domain generator sites ask you to enter a few words related to your business and in return, it gives you millions of permutations and combinations of those words.

Step 2: Now you have to get it registered by using any online registrar to get your domain name registered. You could go for non-profit organizations like ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers).

Step 3: Choose the best domain name, that is perfect for your website, prefer .com but if think you are up for a little bit of work of marketing you could even go for .net

Step 4: Purchase the domain name, you could do that through or Mailchimp too. It entirely depends on you, so research well, know about the features they provide you like easy transfers, authenticated registration, etc.

Step 5: It’s the last and the most important step that is to get your domain name verified. Because once you get it verified you can prevent any other person from using it. It can only be used by any other user if you grant them permission to do so. You could get this step done by sending the email to the email address, myname@com. This process actually differs from which domain service provider you are using.


So if you are going to start your website, there are more features you need to keep in mind than just domain extensions. Get the knowledge about everything and only use legitimate and verified websites to carry on your transactions.

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