What is EV Code Signing Certificate? Benefits of EV Code Signing
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What is EV Code Signing

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What is EV Code Signing Certificate? Benefits of EV Code Signing.

It is better to start with Comodo Code Signing Certificate when thinking about EV Code Signing Certificates. It platform is a mix of the digital certificates for the public key infrastructure. Program files are signed via this. Users get the opportunity to identify the publisher of the program.


They get to verify their files and are embedded with a strong knowledge of whether their file has been tampered or modified. This kind of certificate must be issued specially for enhancing the security layer of the software. Applications, drivers and other essential files are totally vaccinated and they are capable of gaining the trust of customers. A positive impact should be made on the credibility of the organization.


DigiCert also provides this kind of certificate. These certificates have an extended validation code and come in the form of signing certificates. All standard benefits of the digitally signed code undergo a rigorous vetting process. That’s the principle of the hardware security requirement! Users can, therefore, trust you more for your application is highly integrated!


These certificates also come with two-factor authentication. The two-factor authentication is an encrypted token. It has the private key which is stored on a USB device. That we receive on the purchasing of the certificate. Its better to have a physical device. Physical device holders can sign code with the EV code signing certificate. Reinforced authentication with enhanced security is henceforth provided.


EV code signing certificates are therefore considered the perfect match for device drivers, applications and executable programs. EV code signing certificates are much better than Standard code signing certificates. DigiCert offers them at $664. It runs for a period of 3 years.


The features of the certificate that make it worth buying are it’s encrypted digital signature. It prompts extending the organization’s validation. DigiCert EV code signing certificates are quite reputed because of the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter. They are even more advanced because they have the two-factor authentication of their hardware token.


EV code signing certificates are really trustworthy if they have the following features

Microsoft Authenticode®

Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA

Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing

Adobe® AIR®


Mozilla® Objects


DigiCert offers these features and you can EV Code Signing Certificates from there at reasonable prices. Always look for EV Code Signing Certificates that provide efficient monitoring and reinforcement. When a piece of code gets signed the files which have been modified can be easily detected. The issuing company, for example, DigiCert gives the user the information that the code was signed with a certificate. That’s the advantage gained even after the actual certificate expired.


EV Code Signing Certificate is important when it comes to fulfilling partner requirements. Partners expect you to safeguard their customer’s valuable information. This contractual requirement promises this kind of safety. So these certificates in true sense verify authentication and confirm that they have not tampered with any hosting company’s code-signing projects. You are saved against theft and malware.


EV Code Signing Certificates are required to meet your brand requirements and reputation. It promises the customers an easy installation process while downloading your software. Your product is now digitally signed and devoid of warning messages. Customers will be safe and secure from now! Customers tend to be more adapted to your software especially because it’s devoid of warning messages!


DigiCert offers its free DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows. You can take its help to avoid the obstacles of SSL CSR creation and SSL certificate installation. I focus more on DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificates because the company supports all types of platforms. Doesn’t matter if you use Microsoft Authenticode or Kernel Code or Java file and Applets or Apple Applications or Adobe AIR files, it supports all kinds of platforms.


EV code signing certificates are preferably for you if you want to increase your customer’s confidence. The only key to do this is improving the download rates. Only EV Code Signing Certificates give you this opportunity because they combine all the benefits of regular code signing and certain additional benefits which are a form of extending the validation features.


The GlobalSign is another trusted platform for promoting EV Code Signing Certificates.

The platform is known for digitally signing a number of apps but with one single certificate. You have the right to access GlobalSign’s superior support. It’s very is much compatible with platforms like Authenticode, Office VBA, Java, Adobe AIR, Mac OS and Mozilla.


EV Code Signing Certificates are best for supporting weak verification notification. It gives additional key protection to the verification. The two most vulnerabilities that hackers look for are weak identity verification and poor key protection. Hence they get a chance to address their malicious code in those points.


EV Code Signing Certificates thus pose a strict vetting process. You will get through rigorous applications. These facilities are never available in a regular code signing certificate. The publisher’s organization name, physical address, jurisdiction, etc. everything gets verified. Malware developers find it difficult to impersonate the hacking process.


The GlobalSign company EV Code Signing Certificates are stored on cryptographic tokens. Regular code Signing certificates don’t have such facilities. Hence hackers can never part or copy your private key.No distribution of malicious software! No acting good under the actual certificate holder!


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Before you purchase the EV Code Signing certificates from GlobalSign or DigiCert or Comodo,  develop some ideas about the scheme!


The best hardware tokens of EV Code Signing Certificates are the Safenet USB tokens, more precisely the 5100 model. The tokens are compatible with level III FIPS 140-2.They are password protected. Set number of failed attempts at password.If you set this the token will automatically lock and the content gets deleted.


Basic utilities like signtool and jarsigner for signing your drivers and applications.You can also create your own scripts for automating the signing process. Signtool.exe is the tool that will work with the EV Code Signing Certificates.


Hence EV Code Signing Certificates are really important and are currently being used by all software developers. That’s basically done by digitally signing apps, drivers and software programs. Adaptors of these certificates verify that the certificate they receive has not been altered by any third party. Verification is done via our signature, company name, and also the timestamp.

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