Fix Error 'status_breakpoint' on Chrome and Edge - Updated 2021

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How to fix the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT on Google Chrome or Edge?

Users face several errors on the browser while jumping from one website to another for referring to the information. The user might face an error because of a slow internet connection as it’s the most common reason. I faced the error of STATUS_BREAKPOINT while surfing the Google chrome browser and under the pressure of panicking, I hopped on Microsoft edge for using the internet but I faced the same error over there too.


The error is a randomly occurring error that occurs while surfing through websites. It depends on the website designing or the request sent to the web page is handled how by the browser? The error can occur from faulty web browser installations or a weak internet connection.

Some of the steps are mentioned below for resolving the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT –

How to Solve TATUS_BREAKPOINT on Google Chrome?

There is a proper solution and hasn’t been traced yet as it occurs due to several browsing issues.

Method 1. Update Google chrome

  • Using an older version can also be one of the reasons for this error to occur. It would be preferable to update your Google chrome browser so that the error may get fixed.
  • For updating Google chrome, open Google chrome on your PC.
  • Hit the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the browser to open the settings list.
  • After the option reflect the select setting and then switch to the about chrome section which lasts on the left bar on the settings page.
  • Then Google chrome will automatically look for updates and start the update too.
  • After it gets updated then it will request you to restart Google chrome.

Method 2. Update windows

Using an older version of windows too can be the reason for facing the error. Having the latest version of windows can help deflect the error in your PC. For solving the error, you need to update your windows to the latest version.

Steps for updating windows in PC –

  • Open settings in Google chrome
  • Select update and security
  • Click on the windows update option page it will reflect the update available click on it and download and install the updates.


Method 3. Remove all the extensions –

There may be several extensions on your browser that you might have added and one of the added ones might have a problem and can be the reason for the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT to occur.

For removing the extension below are the steps given –

Open Google chrome on your PC

  • Click on the three on the top right corner of the web page.
  • From the various list click on more tools and then extensions.
  • There will be a list of an extension added to the Google chrome browser.
  • Then click on remove on each extension which may solve the error STATUS_BREAKPOINT.

Method 4. Try a different web browser

This may not be the actual solution for solving this error but it can be a temporary solution to the error. You should install a different browser to check if you face the same issue in the different browser too or not. If you do not face the issue, then the error you faced in Google chrome is a fake one it might be a bug with the latest version of Google chrome.

You can try it with Firefox or chromium. As chromium working is the same as chrome so you can have the same experience as before.


Method 5. Switch off overlocking software

  • The error STATUS_BREAKPOINT passes a message to the computer about the overlocking problem that is the reason for the error.
  • According to the users the browser wouldn’t crash at 5Ghz but going beyond the value the chrome crashes every minute.
  • The quick solution for this error is switching off your overlocking tools and uses those apps that boost the hardware while browsing with Google chrome.

Method 6. Peripheral equipment –

  • The only device connected to the PC is a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.
  • All the internal storage of the SATA connection leaving beside the system. But the error still happens to be there.
  • When the monitor is connected with both HDMI and display port there will occur an error.

Method 7. Driver update

  • Update the status with windows update.
  • Update the monitor and grabber drivers or else you will get an error.
  • Set the processor to CPU in the PhysX setting of Gravo or else you will get an error.

The STATUS_BREAKPOINT error is solvable to some extent but for some people, it is not. You can still try as there are solutions mentioned above for solving it.

This problem occurs in Google chrome and windows are not updated to their latest version.


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