Types of Code Signing Certificate? A Complete Guide
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types of code signing

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Types of Code Signing Certificate



A Certificate Authority issues it and it is a type of digital certificate. The information that is contained within it usually identifies an entity. In much simpler words, the definition would be to protect the data from being corrupted after the provider issued it. It also encrypts the identity of an organization to a public key.


Code signing makes sure that the file being downloaded is from the right source rather than getting it from an attacker or a hacker who would steal away your data. Code signing is a type of digital mechanism that ensures the data or code has not been changed or tampered and it is safe to install.

1. EV Code Signing: 

What is EV Code Signing Certificate – 

It is known as the Extended Validation Code Signing certificate. It was designed to provide security to publishers and developers for software and code security and other digital data from being hacked or tampered by malware attacks. The purchaser gains confidence by installing software signed by this new innovative EV Code Signing security.


Its requirements are for authentication and validation is much similar to that of an EV SSL certificate. Identity has to be proved during the validation process. To make sure that the certificate is issued to the correct owner, it has a two-factor authentication feature.


2 Individual code signing: 

What is Individual code signing: 

Individual code signing is very much similar to a normal code signing which is installed by any organization. But the verification process differs for an individual and a company.


How to apply for an individual code signing certificate? The brief process is listed below.

Please buy your code signing certificate from a genuine authority.

The next step is to meet the requirements of identity authentication and validation.

The third step is to install the code signing certificate after it has been generated. 

At last sign your codes.


3 Windows code signing:

What is Windows Code Signing Certificate?

To authenticate software when they are installed on the system code signing is used on Windows. This ensures that the software has not been tampered by any third-party whereas Linux has a different method that varies from windows due to de-centralized nature.


4 Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Authenticode: 

What is Microsoft Authenticode Code Signing Certificate?

Microsoft has a specific technology for code signing that enables the developers to sign their code and that the signature could be authenticated by the user The process is very much similar to that being used by organizations with no difference in certificates. The only difference in being in the execution process.


5 Code Signing Certificates for Java: 

What is Java Code Signing Certificate?

These are security certificates just like others which provides surety to website users about the content and the data. This builds trust between the user and the organization. Java Code Signing Authentication certificate was recognized by the Java Runtime Environment that was designed for Java applications. It reduces the frequency of error messages and increases security.


The java code signing security recognizes and verifies the digital signature. The users can either trust or discard the certificate after a warning message is popped up.


Java Code Signing Certificates provides and ensures the secure exchange of content over the internet. Since it is very difficult to tamper or damage the java’s code signed, customers are not worried about the source of information. They trust the code and the information provided by the Java application.


6 Code Signing Certificates for Microsoft Office and VBA: 

What is Microsoft Office and VBA Code Signing Certificate?

The code signing used by Microsoft Office use VBA macros that have the security features provide means to check for a digital signature. It also tells whether to trust the code or not. It creates a unique digital signature with authentication and identification about the issuer of the code.


Depending on the settings on the computer of the user, a warning message displays when the user visits any tampered or third party malicious content.

With a duly signed certificate, when the user accesses any data or site, a notification would pop up about the verified identity of the publisher.


The client has the information and it is up to him to trust or not the code. Signed code has an additional feature that displays information about the signature in Microsoft Windows. The client can review where the information was accessed and whether it was changed or not.



7 Code Signing Certificates for Adobe AIR: 

What is Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificate?

To run your applications on Adobe AIR they must be signed in digitally. The user can sign a wide range of Adobe AIR applications through Flex Builder, Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex SDK, and by using Adobe AIR Code Signing Certificates.


The clients would build a trusted connection when they know that it comes from a trusted source. Since trust depends on effective measures of preventing data theft and tampering. When the code has been signed in by using an Adobe AIR Certificate this would enable the feature to the popping of any warning message and confirming that the publisher’s identity is unknown.

The advantages of having Adobe AIR are listed below in brief.

Adobe Air authenticates the identity between the client and the publisher. Which, in return, helps to builds trust. The software does not tamper and it can be downloaded and installed and cannot be modified afterwards.



8 Mozilla Code Signing: 

What is Code Signing Certificate for Mozilla?

The users have Mozilla as the browser. The browser script installs the previous private key that was stored from the browser’s file system.


It is then installed in the Certificate Manager. To get the actual code signing certificate, the client must export the private key and the certificate. Then it has to be saved to the computer as a PFX file with the .p12 extension.



9 Microsoft Silverlight Code Signing: 

What is Microsoft Silverlight Code Signing Certificate?

Microsoft Silverlight is a development tool known for its sophisticated and excellent features for creating interactive user experiences. It is mostly used for mobile as well as web applications. The .NET framework powers Microsoft Silverlight and it is a free plug-in.


It is compatible with a wide range of devices, browsers, and operating systems. Microsoft Silverlight can be regarded as an outdated or old framework for creating internet experiences. This Code Signing certificate did not have any problem when the client is applying for the digital signature from any software made via Silverlight.



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