Fix err_cert_authority_invalid in Chrome

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For the Chrome browser, you might sometimes face the error where it says the connection is not private and gives you the error code ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID. You can fix that problem within few clicks. There are several methods that you can use to fix it. First of all, make sure the error is shown on every website and not just one. If it is shown in just one, there might be some problems with the website. 


#1 Check for Virus 

The first reason why this might be happening to you is because of the virus and malware in your computer. For this, you will have to install some of the antivirus tools. If you already have the antivirus, you can simply open it and hit the scan button. You will see some of the viruses and you can just fix that. Try restarting the browser and you will see the error is gone. If this doesn’t work, there are two more techniques you can try.  


#2 Change your DNS 

This might also because of the DNS settings. You can simply use Google’s DNS to make sure the website loads. You can change the DNS by following below steps.  

  • First of all, you can right-click in the taskbar network option and click on the Network and sharing center. Alternatively, you can also search for it from the search bar.  
  • There you will see an option called change adapter settings, click on it and you will see various networks 
  • Select the network that you are using and right click on it.  Click on properties and you will see various options there.  
  • Go to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and again click on properties.  
  • You will see it gives an option to enter custom IP over there, you can ignore that one and go to the next section where you can enter the custom DNS.  
  • Click on USE THE FOLLOWING DNS SEVER ADDRESSES and enter these 
  • Click OK and you are done 
  • Restart the browser to see if everything is working not or not.  


#3 Check the Firewall 

This might also occur if there is a problem with your firewall. Sometimes, the antivirus system you are using might just filter all the traffic that is coming. For the same reason, Google Chrome might be blocked. You can simply remove the scanning for the internet traffic over HTTPS.  

This is different for all the antivirus but you will see the option to disable the SSL or HTTPS scanning somewhere in privacy or protection setting. In some of the antivirus, this option also lies on the web protection. 

You can just check out the official documentation of the antivirus or you can mess around a little bit on the settings option and you shall find everything that you need starting from the disabling the SSL or many other features that you didn’t know.  


After applying any of these, make sure you restart your browser and in some cases, you can also try restarting your computer. 

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