Wildcard vs SAN SSL - Difference between Wildcard SSL & Multidomain SSL
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Difference between Wildcard SSL Certificate and SAN certificate

The difference between Wildcard SSL Certificate and SAN certificate are discussed below in details

The Wildcard SSL security system is considered to be a greater sophisticated system used in the computer world. It is used by users to stabilize the main domain following multiple sub-domains within an individual SSL certificate.


Let us consider the previous example Hence if it is supposed that there is a need to feature sub-domains to any domain name that is www.abcda.Com. Then you can go before the initial process and you can add login .abcda.Com, mail.abcda.Com, and then the different sub-domain can be attached to different wildcard SSL certificates. The key difference when we consider between a unit area SSL and a Wildcard SSL is detailed below.


The Wildcard SSL is generally denoted by a prefix. The prefix is known as asterisk and the symbol is “*”. This symbol is known as the Wildcard character. This is brought to the area name. Therefore the symbol ‘*’ may want to be ‘FTP’, ‘mail,’ ‘login,’’ or it can be anything else. Well in the natural form and reality, the variety and availability of sub-domains could have been limitless. The various benefits of Wildcard SSL are listed below


1 The management is Easy: The simple management feature makes the Wildcard a suitable and readily useable system. The working feature establishes that the primary area along with all of the sub-domains is registered below unique certificates. The expenditure incurred during the usage of the wildcard SSL is very low when we compare it to any other.


2 The approach is easy: Immediate protection is offered to the new sub-domains. When the certificate is purchased it is not mandatory to define the name of the sub-domain. The special symbol of asterisk has a role in it.


3 Economical: The SSL system which is called Wildcard also offers you an extraordinary price. The reason being for the price to be low is that you are free from the unnecessary pressure of buying a separate SSL certificate for every of sub-domains.


4 Compatibility with the browser: This SSL system is aligned with almost all of the browsers that are being used on computer systems or smartphones, the browsers might consist of Chrome, Firefox, etc


5 Data Encryption: 256-bit encryption of data is provided by the Wildcard SSL system. Please note the below details to know the usage and other features of Wildcard SSL if the sub-domains have unlimited area then the Wildcard SSL is recommended. The brief definition of the SAN SSL Certificate is explained below.


The name SAN SSL certificate system means Subject Alternative Name. The SAN SSL system protects a couple of the primary domains when compared with the wildcard which does not have these features. The Unified Communications Certificate is another name for SAN which is also known as UCC.

There is one more major difference, in this the SAN calls for the proprietor of the website which then defines the domains and sub-domains in particular. If there is a requirement to upload a website or sub-domain after some time, the certificates have to be reissued.


Some of the main benefits of the SAN SSL certificate are listed below.

These would help to differentiate between the Wildcard and SSN certificate.

1 More liberty: Let us understand this with an example which states that there are four major domain names and diverse sub-domains. All of them can be stabilized by using SAN SSL


2 Compatibility with different browsers: This SSL certificate is compatible with almost all of the available browsers.


3 Data Encryption: SAN SSL certificate provides full 256-bit encryption. Places where SAN SSL can be used Suppose there is a server which is accessible by different names then SAN SSL can be used This SSL certificate provides safety for the various primary domain names.

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