Why you need SSL Certificate for Small Business? Updated 2020
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Why you need SSL Certificate for Small Business?

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Why you need SSL Certificate for Small Business?

The electronic protocol that helps to make safe and secure communication over the computer network and ensures that the data and information is encrypted is done by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. In the present time, consumers start thinking about their data security. When you are dealing with a company on a digital or online platform then you should be confident that the company is not an impostor. There are various steps which business owner have to follow for installing an SSL certificate to secure and encrypt their business. It is a layer that protects the overall business on the digital platform. 

Earn Customer Trust via SSL Certificates for Small Business

The hackers will never stop themselves and every day they try to find some multiple ways to hack the business information. The main target of hackers is small e-commerce businesses because most of the small business does not have any security protocols for their information so it is easy to hack them. All small businesses generally avoid spending money on website security. Due to this reason, a hacker can easily get access to the information on the small business. 


The main aim of an SSL certificate is to secure and encrypt information or communication between client and server. This means at the time of transmission of data all the information will be remains enclosed and encrypted as well as no one can access the information any longer. A strong Cryptographic Algorithm is present in the SSL certificate which is made up of hash functions that help to secure and encrypt websites and data. 


If the small business installs an SSL certificate for the website, then the information of users which the website collects at the time of payment process like email address, location, phone number, login credentials, etc., all become safe and secure. Only the admin can decode or edit the data of the website when it is protected with an SSL certificate. 


Need for SSL certificate for Small Business

There are various reasons for the need for SSL certificate for small business:

  • High-security environment: The website encrypts by the SSL certificate will be secure with a 2048-bit string signature and 256-bit longer key length encryption. It is very difficult for cyber attackers to break the combination of signature and encryption key. 


  • Boost up business sales: There are some indicators of the SSL certificate like the name of the organization in the browser address bar or website seal which will help to boost the sale of the business. These indicators will directly build up the trust for the website and ensure users that the website is safe and secured with an SSL certificate authority. Also, this will help the users to legitimate the business and it seems that the website is genuine with no harm to share financial and personal information. 


  • Business sales and conversational rate increase: The conversation rate of the business will increase if they adopt an SSL certificate for their website. Business owners can earn more money and rise their reputation in the market over the internet. 


  • Ranking boost in Google: It is recently announced by Google that they will rank websites and give more hike to those who have adopted an SSL certificate installed on their website. This means for increasing the business sale and revenue, small businesses should install an SSL certificate for their website so that Google will hike their ranking and it will get a good position on the Google search page. 


Types and description of SSL certificate

There are 3 main categories of SSL certificate in which it is divided:

  1. Domain validation: The SSL certificate which is used to properly secure and protect a website with less amount of information collection or no collection of financial information is a domain validated SSL certificate.

  2. Organization validation: The certificate which is used to encrypt the website and ask for the financial and other information for transactions in business is an organization validated SSL certificate. The information of the business will display in certificate details and under a site seal.

  3. Extended validation: The certificate which is used to deliver the high-level encryption and trust of the industry is an extended validated SSL certificate. The websites which deal with sensitive information consist of this certificate. For example – banking, social media, government, e-commerce, etc. 


Which does SSL a Small Business require?

The SSL certificate which is organization validate is the best because it asks for financial, personal, and other sensitive information and accordingly secures the information of the website which is used for business purposes. There are some factors which you need to know before buying an SSL certificate for your small business:


  • Price of the certificate: It is very important to aware of the SSL certificate price for the small business so you need to compare various SSL certificate provider organizations. The price will come accordingly and based on features and security level buy that SSL certificate which comes in your budget. 


  • Certificate Authority: The major role of a Certificate authority (CA) is for both small and medium businesses. The trusted CA always comes with a trusted website seal and consists of details of the website and business. 


  • Encryption type: In the present time all the leading browsers consider 256-bit or SHA-2 encryption length for SSL certificate. This will help to maintain a properly operating system and devices.


  • Document requirement: There are various legal documents that CA will ask to submit for the validation of the certificate. So always check all the documents carefully and choose that best suits your availability of the documents. 


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