Where Can You Get Cheap SSL Certificates for WordPress?
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Where Can You Get Cheap SSL Certificates for WordPress Websites?

Privacy and security have become two major pillars for the web industry. Everyone using the internet is worried about both of these components. Even the tech giant Google has given priority to these components and announced a rank up for SSL secured pages. Before moving ahead, let’s know what SSL is? It stands for Secure Socket Layer.


According to SSL.com, “Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.”


What basically an SSL connection does, it encrypts the information from both your and customers end. The information can be anything like a pin, credit card details, username, etc. And this information can be only decoded at your end. So no chance of any security breaches like phishing and fraud.


These security and authenticity benefits have attracted many WordPress websites to opt for an SSL certificate. This article will explain in detail about the places from where you can get a cheap SSL certificate for a WordPress site. We will only cover SSL certification options under $50 for a year.

Comodo Positive SSL:

The first on our list of cheap SSL for WordPress will be Comodo SSL. The company offers a variety of SSL certificates. The primary three offered for SSL for WordPress are DV, OV and EV certificates. Well, the cheapest one from the company is Comodo Positive SSL.


It starts for as low as $10 per year. The certificate offers a free site seal, 256-bit encryption, and 2048-bit CSR encryption. The company provides mobile support and reissuance is free of cost. For your comfort, the company offers a month return policy with 100% refund. The company also promises an unlimited server licensing.



Comodo Essential SSL:

Comodo offers this WordPress SSL option at the cost of $40 per year. Much similar to Positive SSL plan, like it, offers 256-bit robust encryption, 2048-bit root certificate, $10K warranty in case of any wrongly certificate issuance and unlimited free re-issuance. The additional benefits in this plan are multiple server licenses, unlimited free reissues for certificate lifetime.



GeoTrust Rapid SSL:

A big player is the SSL arena. This WordPress SSL certificate by GeoTrust SSL is GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium. This is a cheap SSL certificate for WordPress sites too. An easy on pocket domain validation certificate will authenticate the ownership of the domain within a few seconds. And the best part is the certificate offers unlimited server licenses and free re-issuance until the certificate has not expired.


The company gives tough challenge to its competitors by providing 99% mobile and desktop support. And, they support all major www and non-www websites. Other than this, GeoTrust offers multiple plans GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL, GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard and GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard. All of these are above the price range of $50.



Thawte SSL123:

When discussing about cheap SSL for WordPress. This comes out being a relatively new name. So, let’s get you bit through its background too. The company is the first SSL certificate offering company based outside the U.S.


The company is rooted in South Africa. Over the last two decades, the company has issued more than 945,000 certificates. The company offers competitive rates for SSL certificates. Thawte low-cost SSL certificate for WordPress can cost you around $35 for a year. Along


with this, the SSL certificate offers robust 256-bit encryption to transmitting online transactions. Other than this it also ensures verification of domain ownership and credentials.



Rapid SSL Certificate:

RapidSSL certificate lies under the umbrella of the parent brand GeoTrust. This certificate by the company is specifically directed to cater to the business needs of small and medium-size businesses. With cut-throat competition, the company offers an SSL certificate for as low as $17 a year. If you are looking for a cheap SSL for your WordPress, then this one is a great option.


The RapidSSL certificate applies to a single domain and uses the latest 256-bit encryption standards. The company also boasts about a warranty of ten thousand dollars in case of any problem with the SSL certificate. Also, for the first time users, the company pitches the idea of around the clock chat support and money back guarantee within a month of purchase.



Alpha SSL Certificate:

Searching for the cheap SSL certificate in the market, this one is a recent entry. The main motto of the company is to offer the best SSL certificates at competitive rates. An Alpha SSL certificate starts as low as $17.50 per year.


So, why it is excellent for a WordPress site, the certificate offers ‘SSL secure padlock,’ which safeguards your website visitors both on the website and mobile phones. In this offer rate, the company boasts about 256-bit encryption making it an ideal contender for a great WordPress SSL.

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