What is SSL Reselling? How to Become SSL Reseller?
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What is SSL Reselling? How to Become an SSL Reseller? A Complete Guide

When you start looking for a reseller program for SSL Certificate, many resellers appear with their greedy proposal and it becomes more complicated to choose which one is best.


If you’re thinking of setting up a reselling based SSL company – you’ll need to make a few decisions. Making the right choices is the difference between an and ok and a great setup for you.


Before the start, the debut about the SSL program lets understands the meaning of the SSL reseller program.


What is SSL Reseller Program?

Reseller SSL Program is when you buy a reseller SSL package and resell this to your clients as your own SSL Certificate Company.


By setting your prices and features, you can resell to a specific niche of users who are looking for the kind of service you offer.

With a reseller program, you can get a much lower price than the direct seller or certificate authority.


The market of reseller SSL is getting much popular due to the huge demand for SSL certificates in the world.


Why Be a SSL Reseller?

There are a few key reasons to resell SSL Certificate:

Setting up sites for family and friends

Expand your business’ product offerings

Starting a new business on your own.

Get the best price for regular SSL need.


Can You Turn a Profit?

Many of today’s big SSL Certificate brands started off as resellers, proving that you can build a successful business this way.


Nowadays, the SSL Certificate Market is crowded, so there are fewer opportunities to make waves by starting an SSL company. But, it still has a good revenue strategy because it’s become essential for every website. Every day, thousands of domains are booked and every domain needs an ssl certificate so yes, you can make a good profit as well.


Reseller Risks

We just touched upon a couple of reasons why SSL Certificate reselling isn’t hassle-free:

You need to be available to help your customers with support inquiries

As a reseller, you have no direct influence on the certificate authorities, yet you are wholly dependent on its success and stability

Problems at your SSL validation or issue will cause you headaches as your customers expect you to fix them

You’ll need to be obsessively organized with administration, accounts, and backups.


Pros and Cons of SSL Reselling Business


An easy way to make money without a lot of work

A good way to get started in SSL Certificate market

You can offer customized SSL Certificate packages


You’re responsible for handling some support tasks for your customers instead of the SSL Reseller

You’ll have to determine pricing to turn a profit

White label packages can be expensive



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an SSL reseller business?

You need to find the best SSL panel with your pricing and features and also you need to understand the technology behind the SSL certificate because SSL is not easy as hosting.

Which reseller SSL is best?

The best reseller always provides transparency and never hides a single point. Always check if they include all major certificate authorities.

Is SSL reselling profitable?

Yes, SSL Certificate is profitable in general. Typically, the hardest part is getting your first few customers to able to offset your initial costs.

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