What is SSL Checker, how to verify an SSL Certificate?
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What is ssl checker

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What is SSL Checker, How to Verify an SSL Certificate?

The security of any website is important and vital for the success of any business on the Internet. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an important aspect of the security verification of any website and ensuring the user the safety and privacy of his/her information.


Now since SSL is very important for the data security of the user one must know whether the SSL Certificate of the website is secure or not. For this purpose, we use SSL Checker.

SSL Checker –

SSL Checker is a tool that verifies the proper installation of an SSL certificate on a Web Server. The SSL Checker tool can verify that the installation of the SSL Certificate on a web-server i.e. whether it is properly installed or not so that they can be trusted.


Multiple SSL Certificate vendors offer their web-based services to check the validity of the SSL Certificates for their respective domains. These can also be used for setting up reminders for preventing organizations from missing any renewal dates of the certificates.


The SSL Checker after finishing the check, displays common names, type of server, signature algorithm, certificate authority issue, validity period, certificate changing and other vital details.


To use an SSL Checker, an enterprise or organization can visit the website of any SSL vendor and enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) i.e. the address of the website in the place provided on the website of the vendor for the checking of the SSL certificate of the website.


How to use SSL Checker?

After knowing about how does an SSL Checker works, one must be inquisitive regarding how to use an SSL Checker. There are many steps that can be followed to check whether the website is secure and uses an SSL certificate or not.


The checking can be done manually i.e. by looking at the beginning of the website which has a green lock icon in front of it if it is not there then the website is insecure and does not have an SSL certificate.


We can also try the SSL site Checker online by pasting the certain domain name and clicking the start button to begin the check of the website i.e. whether it has an SSL certificate or not.


Some of the free SSL Checker services are mentioned below –


Now after enhancing one’s knowledge about the SSL Checker, we need to know how to check whether the SSL certificate of a website has expired or not.


SSL Expiration Checker –

For the ones using Google Chrome as their web browser, they first need to click on the padlock icon i.e. the green lock icon in front of the website URL. After that, they need to click on the Valid option available in the drop-down menu, which will then show the details regarding the certificate expiration. These steps are to be followed for the latest version of Chrome.


In Firefox, a message reading – ‘Sec_error_expired_certificate’ is displayed when an SSL certificate expires for any website being accessed on Firefox.


The steps to check whether the certificate is actually expired or it is just an error being displayed on the browser. The first step is to click on the padlock icon next to the website address, which is to be followed by clicking on the ‘more information’ button at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Finally, one needs to click on the ‘Security’ option and details of the SSL certificate appear on the screen clearly stating the expiry date of the certificate.


This varies for different web-browsers. Hence, one needs to check for the steps which are to be followed to check the expiry date any required website.

These are some of the interesting facts about SSL online and manual checkers.

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