What is Encryption and Why Do You Need It? A Complete Guide
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what is encryption

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What is Encryption? Why You Need it? A Complete Guide

What is Encryption?

Encryption is the method which converts the information in security or private code which hides the true meaning of the information. The Cryptography is referring to the science of encryption and decryption. The encrypted message can only access by the authorized party and not anyone else. In the language of computer, the data which is not encrypted is known plaintext and the data which is encrypted is known as cipher text.



There are two types of Encryption key named as Symmetric key and Public key.

  • Symmetric Key – In this scheme, the keys of encryption and decryption are the same. In order to achieve secure communication, the parties must have the same key.

  • Public Key – In this scheme, there is only one key which is published to the encrypted message holder. The receiving party only has access to decrypt the message. This key is first described in 1973. The Public key is also known as Private key.



The Encryption has much importance in various fields which secures different Information Technology data. There are 4 major fields in which Encryption plays a very important role which are as follows –


– Confidentiality which encodes the content of messages.

The origin of the message is verifying by Authentication.

The Integrity in Encryption of the data proves that there has been no change in the message content since it was sent.

– Non-repudiation helps the sender from denying of sending the encrypted message.



Encryption starts its work by taking the plaintext from variable sources like Email or Text messages and starts converting the plaintext into Cipher text which is the encrypted text. This will maintain the confidentiality of the data and cannot be decrypted by anyone.


The Encryption protects the data either it is stored in the computer system or transferred to other via the internet. To unlock the encrypted message, both the sender and receiver should have the key to decoding the text. The encrypted data can only present in the readable form if the decryption of data done properly.



There are various needs for the Encryption of data which are as follows –

– Protection of valuable information: There are some information on your mobile phones as well as in computer systems like your account details, credit card photos etc., which never reveal to anyone. These types of information can be protected by Encryption.


– Prevention from Blackmailing: When your data is encrypted, no one can blackmail you regarding your personal as well as official data. You have that much of confident that you can face anyone of your data is encrypted and will not get scared.


– Privacy matters: Privacy is a fundamental right and you should have some private things or data in your life. If you want no one can access your private data, then encrypt that data and protect and secure yourself from revealing in front of anyone else.


– Safe Backups: If your data is encrypted, then you can safely have backups of your data and you don’t have to worry about the previously saved data. The encrypted will be safe in the clouds and will not be deleted.


– Protect from third parties – The most of the information is sent over public platform via internet. If your information is not protected, then third party can access your data very easily and attack you very easily. The Encryption protects you from third party to access your information.


– Protection against stolen devices –If your device is stolen or lost in some cases and your data is not encrypted in your device, then anyone can easily access your data and use the details or information for their own purpose. If the data in your device is encrypted, then no one can access your data and you can relax regarding your personal information in your device.



The Encryption is usually used by army officers and governments for securing the communication.

Encryption protects the data from transit.

The data stored in the computer system can be protected by Encryption.

The data which is transmitted via internet, mobile, email will be safe and protected if encrypted.

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