Best SSL Certificate for Emails Security
Best SSL Certificate for Emails Security

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What are the best SSL certificates to secure emails and documents?

We often discuss about securing our website and gaining our customers’ trust. But have you ever paid any attention to securing your emails or some important documents.  


Well, if you haven’t then consider a situation where your emails are hacked by a fraudulent. Then you are at a risk of exposing all your personal information and your confidential information as well.  

Now,  the third party has gained access to all the information relating to your professional as well as personal life. 


It’s like living your worst nightmare. Now,  you might be able to draw the conclusion that is way more important to secure something of utmost importance as your emails.  

Protection of your documents should also be at your high priority list.  


When you have burned the midnight oil in completing your project and somehow someone gets successful in gaining access to your documents. Now, you might be able to draw a picture where clearly someone has stolen your ideas and you can’t even prove it because it wasn’t patented information. Here the chances of proving the crime of plagiarism is next to nil . 


So,  it’s better to avoid such situations by securing your emails and documents by activating SSL certificates where all your data is transferred in an encrypted form.  


SSL certificate validation.  

Companies provide you with the option of three types of SSL certificates.  

Well, if we have to buy a certificate for email security then I would advise you to go for domain validation certificate.  


Unlike organizational validation where certification authority runs a legal background check on you.Domain validation certification do not require any documentation work. So, it is quite simple validation process to follow.  

Plus, it is relatively cheaper or most of the time free of cost.  


Trusted companies which issues SSL certificate.  

When it comes to securing something as importance as your emails then you obviously need to buy certificate from the host company which has a trusted reputation in the market. 


So, here I will be listing some trusted host companies to make your work easier.  

  • Comodo 
  • Digicert 
  • Symantec 
  • Thawte.  
  • Geotrust 
  • Globalsign 
  • Godaddy 


Cheapest and most trusted SSL  certificate for securing your emails.  

Market is flooded with different SSL certificate providers. So,  it might be a tedious task to find a provider which provides you with trusted and cheapest SSL certificates. 


So,  if you are looking for the cheapest SSL certificate then here I will be mentioning Comodo secure email signing certificate. 

Well,  they are the SSL certificate providers which are most talked about by different security experts and google analyst.  


They are also known as  Comodo personal authentication certificate which provide you with secure transfer services as they utilize 256-bit SSL encryption technology. 

So,  you need not worry about any fraudulent getting access to your confidential data.  


It adds an extra layer of security by using two-step authentication.  


What is two-step authentication? 

Consider a situation when you use double locks at night before going to bed to save your house from robbers. 

In the same way,  two-step authentication utilizes double pass code system which ensures that no third party could get access to your email account.  

In this system,  first lock is your password associated with email ID which is entered at the time of email login.  


Now,  the second lock is the one time generated pass code which is sent to your phone number which is registered with your email address. 

So,  it ensures the authentication of the user.  


Benefits of CPAC.  

  • It provides you data security through end-to-end encryption. It means data is encrypted only by a particular recipient and the user.  
  • It utilized two-step authentication to ensure double security. 
  • You can digitally sign important documents. This can also be done by utilizing exchange server certificate which are usually provided by Microsoft exchange system.  
  • They don’t bore a hole in your pocket.  
  • They provide you with validated certificate instantaneously. Thus, saving you from the hassle of any document verification procedure.  


If you have set up a business email account and looking for another option which is more secure, you can go for digicert SSL certificate.  

  • They provide you with 2056-bit encryption technology.  
  •  It provides you with multi-domain certificate which secure different subdomains of your email address.  

However, they are relatively costlier than CPAC.  


Well, now you know the importance of securing your email accounts. So, I hope this information  helps you in finding best SSL certificate for your email accounts.  

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