Should I Pay for an SSL Certificate - Why Pay for SSL Certificate
Should I Pay for SSL Certificate?

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Should I Pay for SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is essential to all business. To establish trust and secured environment, you need HTTPs. If you are considering for less traffic or no financial transactions on your website, then you may adopt a free of cost SSL Certificate. But if you’re a business owner whose success is riding on your website then you must consider buying an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority.

An SSL Certificate aka HTTPS is like a tool to encrypt your web content including sensitive information like a credit card, username or password etc.

So, what to do now? Does ‘Paid SSL Certificate‘ really worth to pay?

Short Answer ‘Yes’

If you choose to go with paid SSL Certificate instead of free SSL Certificate, then you will get more advanced additional features. However, you need to select the best between a couple of different SSL certificate options as SSL comes in different types. This link can be best to understand the types of SSL.

So, let’s discuss why you should pay for an SSL Certificate even its available without any cost?

Ability to choose your SSL type

With most free SSL options, you will not be able to get organization or extended or even wildcard SSL Certificate for your website. A paid SSL Certificate will give you multiple option like SAN, wildcard, EV etc.


If problems do arise with your SSL Certificate – you’ll have a quick solution from a paid SSL provider. When you work with a paid SSL company, you can feel confident knowing that a technical expert is standing by 24/7 to assist you via phone, email or live chat

Time Duration

With most Free SSL Certificate comes for 1-3 months, now you can have a paid SSL for maximum 2 Years. So need to put extra time on the renewal process.

Trust Seals

As I know, no free SSL Certificate comes with a trust seal even Let’s encrypt. A Site seal is a measurable trust factor for any website to ensure visitors about website security.

Paid SSL Certificate not so Expensive

Another reason to use a paid SSL is it’s rather inexpensive. You can find cheap HTTPs Certificate for your website from a trusted SSL company and it will be much better than free hosting.

No additional security tools


Many SSL providers like Comodo, Digicert etc offer free website security or malware scanning tools along with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate. While a free SSL Certificate does not provide such useful features.

Investing time on free SSL is unwise for business

If you have any serious intention of securing your website on the web, then you should never start with a free SSL certificate.

Good Alternatives to a Free SSL Certificate

The best alternative to a free SSL certificate is of course a paid SSL. There are plenty of SSLs providers available who offer HTTPs or SSL at very low cost.

Use this link to find out top 10 SSL provider for any website.

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