The Importance of an SSL Certificate - Why SSL?
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Is It Important To Have An SSL Certificate?

SSL indisputably stands for Security Sockets Layer. We have all heard of this fable in which a public key infrastructure on seeing the hackers struck uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates.


It’s like the ‘Hercules’ the God of strength to get out the secure connection between the client and the server through the secure protocol HTTPS. Hercules answers your prayers by saying, “Put your shoulder to the wheelman.” Hence you can put your sensitive information to this SSL! The users took this advice and lo and behold, their customer contact details and credit card details were out of the reach of hackers.


The simple fable very effectively portrays the value of public key infrastructure. There are many truly inspiring stories of the public and private keys encrypting and decrypting the information effectively.


These security measures reach the highest position of secure access to data because they are ensured with the help of certificates. Authorities like CA are illustrious examples of what wonders can be achieved by sharing only with a specific domain or server. They begin their life first with certificate certification while again they pass through an SSL connection privately and securely. So you must rise to understand the virtue of the working of the SSL security mechanism.


We will now get privy to the real-life stories of SSL transactions!


When there is literally nothing to start with, the client has to request server identification from a web server.


Then the server becomes worthy and creates an SSL certificate transaction to the client. The CA challenges to make such certificates!


Now the client heads towards the certificate copy and is able to send an acknowledgement. Phenomenal success is achieved with the verification of the received certificate. Thus the adage” Fortune favors the brave” is shown when the resulting message is sent back to the server.


The digital signature which the server sends to the client is of supreme importance as it serves the purpose of verifying the acknowledgement and then it extols the encrypted information exchange continuing between the client and the server.


We must, therefore, pay heed to the benefits of SSL certificates which continuously strive for the betterment of the secure channel that even when third parties thrive, the data is transmitted securely. Its a reminder to you because customers and businesses are all familiar with your website. Hitch your wagon to the star and consider them for cloud-based transactions.


The logic behind it is simple. If we do not aspire to become cautious about phishing sites, we shall not strive for it and consequently lead a life of ignominy. The autobiographies of these sites reveal that each of them is an almost perfect replica of an original, authentic site. Their vision is simply luring you to providing your sensitive information.


The identification process is distinctively apart from humans, but the SSL certificates are made of sterner stuff. They relentlessly strive and ensure these fake sites do not reach to you.


Many fake sites have the ambition of acquiring SSL certificates. However, it’s difficult and impossible. This is so the SSL certificate does it a noble profession of commanding the customers of the absence of SSL certificates. These generate a lot of respect in the society because customers are prevented from falling prey to fake sites.


It’s boost ranking and the increase in brand value feature will further mesmerise you. The look of concern, sense of empathy, and the feeling of confidence, everything is there in Google! It inspired its algorithm updation and the HTTPs signal in it mitigates all your worries. The SSL certificate is like a messiah to your website and no matter how big or small your website is, the URL starts showing the HTTPS protocol. Henceforth you have greater ranks in the search engine optimization process. So invariably customers are less worried about falling seek to security issues.


SSL certificates also command secure payments for a safe shopping experience. Credit cards are transitory things that are there today and gone tomorrow. So the status and service of the HTTP website decrease as no one will dare send them their credit card details. On the other hand, if one practices with SSL certificates, it increases and multiplies with the PCI security standards set forth by the payment card industries.


The road to realizing customer’s trust is not easy and hence extended authentication is also expected of your website. Customers pass on a lot of sensitive information such as bank passwords and personal details. Such entries are made in cloud platforms.


Hence SSL prepares your website for extended authentication and with God’s grace by issuing a server certificate along with the SSL certificate. It specializes in the trust factor of the service provided. Thus the customers are afflicted with verification whether you are really the correct person or not.


CA fulfill the dream of this authentication process in different way s. It is completely dependent on which certificate you are choosing. If you are in the domain validation group, only domain authentication is done. Organization validation most importantly does business reliability with the EV SSL certification. Legal documents are then proof of your existence. The must security trust mark – Green Bar- is then displayed to carry online transactions.


CA authorities are using encryption algorithms like RSA, DSA, and ECC


Also, there are certain exclusive types of SSL certificates. They are the Wildcard certificates that let you secure both your main site and all its subdomains. Subdomains include or They need just one single SSL certificate. Large business owners can opt for this because they are a sure shot to have multiple subdomains.



. the specific type of SSL certificate known as a Wildcard lets you secure your main site and all its subdomains (like or with one single SSL certificate. That’s especially useful if you are a business owner or if you maintain large websites with several subdomains. With a standard SSL, you’ll have to install separate certificates for each of your subdomains.

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