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Have you ever encountered this ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE error? If ‘yes’, you might be looking for the solution right now. Well, it is a kind of SSL related error that appears if the browser doesn’t support the server that uses TLS1.3. it is not surprising that this error can be solved in a number of ways. If you are using a browser like Firefox and Chrome, chances are that you can encounter this error several times a day.


It is one of the most common error for the browser; however, you can choose an easy solution that doesn’t waste your time and effort. Disabling TLS1.3 in your browser is a simple solution yet it is not that effective since using TLS1.3 offers security and bug-removing features.


Having an older version of your chrome or firefox browser that does not even support the latest version of programs that contains TLS1.3 can leads to this interference error. There is a lot of web browser out there, which are well aware of the potential issues of using TLS1.3 and hence constantly working on it to fix the error.


Nevertheless, we people always giving priority to using chrome browser and internet explorer. So, what could be the best solution to solve such big issues? Yes, that’s why you are here, so keep going.

Give Your Browser an Update


First and foremost, step is to update the browser because having an old version of chrome browser that only supports old release can cause issues. So, just give your regular browser an update to avoid any further issues. Once you have found out the root issues, you may not be even thinking of this interference issues since giving your browser update can fix most of the hidden issues.


As you know that this interference error seems to be associated with the browser, but it can also cause even if your browser is up-to-date. In such a case, some misconfiguration occurs when the web server lacks the trust of the SSL certificate.


Check Your Server Configuration


Have you ever checked your Server configuration? If not, it is the time to look into the configuration details. As we mentioned that it is quite possible that the server still uses the old version of TLS even if your web browser is up-to-date.


Check Your SSL Certificate


There is a lot more than checking server configuration. Yes, what about checking your SSL certificate. Is it outdated or in trend? While this error occurs on your local website, there is a possibility that there is an error in the SSL certificate of the website that you are trying to access. It is quite interesting, right?


Yes, but just ignore, we cannot let them know about the SSL certification error unless that site owner is your friend. Just connect with the hosting provider to fix this issue. By scanning the SSL certificate, you will get to know that there is an error if. Or you can try out the Qualys SSL Labs SSL Test. You can compare a cheap SSL certificate to purchase the best one.

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