How to Secure WordPress Page using SSL?
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WordPress is an infamous and world’s largest platform for those who love jotting down their thoughts in the form of words. This content management platform provides young and fresh minds to change the world by following their passion for writing.


Owing to the immense popularity it has gained over the past few years, the platform is most prone to hackers. These mala fide hackers are always in search of an opportunity of hacking the WordPress pages.


What they do after hacking your WordPress page?

The hackers are intended to tangle up your page and clutter it up with nonsense stuff. They can even post obscene and unethical information to demean the owner. Generally, hackers do it to purloin credits or creativity.


One of the most common and crucial reasons as to why hackers want to get into your WordPress site is they want to get a hold of the email addresses your page contains. These hackers spam the email addresses in the hope of getting a reply back. When somebody replies back, they get access to their personal and confidential information. Doing these benefits them much more than you might get from monetized WordPress account.


But, how to stop these hackers from entering in your virtual periphery?

Just like we safeguard our emails and credit card information, securing your business or personal WordPress site should be second to none. Here are the ways through which you can secure your WordPress page and keep your secrets safe –


Picking up strong passwords – One of the most crucial yet easiest ways of securing your WordPress page from evil eyes. When setting passwords for your WordPress account, pick it wisely. Refrain from choosing confidential information as a password.


Secure Socket Layers (SSL) – Needless to say, there happens to be a lot of relevant information transferred between the network and the WordPress servers. It is crucial to secure the exchange process and this is done by SSL. A WordPress SSL is a safe link which ensures that your data is protected and in safe hands. An SSL certificate for WordPress will also facilitate you with an HTTP which helps in the ranking of your website, killing two birds with one stone indeed.


Two- way verification – Again, an easy and effective way of ensuring the safety of your website. This is a method wherein the user is asked to log in via password and then an email is sent on your mobile asking to confirm if it’s you logging in or some predator. In case, you feel something is fishy you can check upon it and save yourself from much trouble.


Regular Updates – WordPress constantly asks you to update, this is because updating will help you have more effective ways of security than before. Thus, you shouldn’t avoid any update of WordPress. Initially, the updates are by default on and you shouldn’t turn it off. In case, you’ve turned it off to check it quickly.


WordPress is an excellent platform for the exchange of new ideas and thoughts and protection of your creativity should never be compromised, no matter what. There are a lot of easy ways for securing your website all you need is a bit of caution and common sense to protect your assets from predators’ eyes.

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