How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android?
SSL Connection Errors on Android

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How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android?

When your browser displays the message “Your connection is not Private?” then it will be considered as an SSL connection error. In this time of the pandemic, the whole world is dealing with COVID-19 and most of the cybersecurity scams started in real. In this difficult situation, cybercriminals are busy scamming innocent people’s data information for hacking money. 



Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the protocol for security and encryption of the information. It develops a connection between the web browser that you access for using a website and the server or internet for the privacy of the data. The information which you send and receive including email and password can get accessed by third parties like hackers if a website is not secure with an SSL certificate. 


The website identity will authenticate by the SSL certificates and your information will not be released in open. The data you send will be encrypted by the SSL certificate and to whom you send, the data can be decrypted by that website only. It restricts the information so that no third party can access the data. The running of a browser without a secure connection is not a good practice.



The SSL connections show on the web browsers that don’t have access to the SSL certificate. The websites without an SSL certificate are dangerous to visit. Whenever you see this error then first check your device for the problem or the website instead of trying any fixing method. 


There are lots of websites that are secured by the SSL certificates, try to visit and use those websites. It will be safer and secure. For example – websites like Facebook or YouTube are secured. If your device can visit and open the page of these websites, then the main problem is with the website that you have visited before and shows the SSL certificate error. 



Correct Date and Time

If the clocks of the smartphone are not set nearly to the same time, then SSL/TLS certificate connection show invalid in the browser system and web server. On your device, the message will display like “The connection is not private”. Steps for fixing the issue:

  • Open the phone settings on the android device.
  • Click on the Date and Time option.
  • Turn ON automatic date & time or set it by yourself.
  • Reload all the pages after clearing all tabs.


Try Incognito Mode

The incognito mode of Google does not store any type of Cookies and Cache data. Once the page loads properly in incognito mode, then try two things:

  • Clear Chrome browsing data while opening the setting of the Chrome browser. It will fix all the errors that come in page loading.
  • Uninstall the recently installed app. the apps running in the background can cause the issue.


Disable Anti-virus

Some issues can be created by the anti-virus software that can block a few sites with an SSL certificate. Uncheck the HTTPS scanning feature of anti-virus or just simply uninstall the app of anti-virus.


Clear Cache and Data of the Browser

The caches and cookies data in the system may show some issues related to the SSL certificate. There are some steps through which you can clear the cache and cookies:

  • Open the settings option on your android mobile device.
  • Click on the option “Apps and Manage apps”.
  • Search for the app that is causing the problem.
  • Two options of clear data and the clear cache will appear.
  • Solve all the problems by clear all caches and data.


Clear Google service Framework cache

The data is stored in your device by Google service framework which can also sync your data. The proper functioning of the Google Play services and related apps is also maintained by this feature. Reboot your device or open the application manager option in the settings. Click All and select Google Services Framework. Clear the cache by tapping on the force stop button.


Factory data reset

If the problem is not solved from the above-mentioned ideas, then reset the device by deleting all the junk files, malicious files, and bugs. Many apps can wipe out all the data and issues of the device will resolve.


Change Wi-Fi connection

The SSL certificate error can be visible if the Wi-Fi connection is proper. Reset the device which has a Wi-Fi connection and clear all the data and caches. The time and date should be correct. The Wi-Fi connection should be private and not a public connection. Change your password and default settings also need to change.


Update android apps

The apps which are installed in the Android device should be updated on time. The old versions of the apps will not work properly and can show an SSL certificate error. The browser should be checked for updates always.

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