How to Check if a Website is Secure / Safe or a website is legit?
How to check if a website is secure

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How to Check if a Website is Secure

Are you eagerly waiting for that using a website without even knowing whether it is real or fake? No, you should check if it is real so that the data you put in that website can be safe and stays on that website without any security breach?


If the website you are accessing right now, seems to be fake, don’t get messed up with the details asked. Just leave it. However, if you are going to buy shopping online, you should be careful with the personal details that are asked.


We people would like to shop a lot online- this could be both boon and bane since all of your personal details such as phone numbers, home numbers. Not just contact numbers but also highly sensitive details such as credit card details, debit card details, etc. your sensitive details are flying around the internet without hassle, which makes it easier for even a two years old guy to access your credit card details. So, here you go- how to know if a website is secure


In general, online shoppers are prone to huge scams such as pop-ups, social engineering attacks, fraudulent websites, man-in-the-middle attacks and lots more. So, once you have entered the online retailer information, it is their sole responsibility to secure the data that you give. But how can you know what and who to trust?

Its crucial to know if a website is legit, safe or secure to use. There are many malicious or scam website. Here is the step by step guide to verify and validate website’s security.

Check the SSL Certificate

If the URL of the website starts with https instead of HTTP, chances are that it is secured with the SSL certificate, which makes the site easy to save and secure all kind of details that are passed from your web browser to the website server.


To acquire SSL certification, a website might undergo a lot of validation process includes Domain validation, Extended validation, etc. it is said that the extended Validation certificate is the highest level of validation, which is found to be the safest and most expensive as well.


Look at the Domain

It is no wonder that cyber attackers are very intelligent these days since they can create some websites that look similar to the existing website and they let the user to login and provide the personal details, which attackers can use it later.


For instance, if cyber criminal bought the domain “” and sets up a new website by designing with the same themes, plugins and etc.. Then they purchase a DV certificate which can be used to trick users to purchase online items by logging into their accounts.


To prevent these kinds of cyber-attacks, it is highly recommended that the user should look at the domain of the website you are looking for. In case you get an email from an online vendor, don’t just click the link in the email. Later type the domain name into your web browser to ensure that you are connecting to the website exactly.


Look for Signs that the Company Is Real

There are a few signs that you can look for to help you know if a company is real or not.

To know whether the website you are trying to use is real or fake, you can check out some of the basic things to get to know how real and genuine the website is going to be.


Phone number and physical address:

Have you ever noticed the phone number and physical address on the website? If ‘no’, you have to take care of it. If a website lists a phone number, location, and any other physical address, there is a high chance that they are reputable. Yes, a website which claims to be genuine should have the physical address and phone number.


Return policy

The return policy is as essential as the physical address. If a site is reputable, chances are that it might have listed the return policy for the shipping policy. If you find it difficult to access the return policy on their site, you should not purchase anything from it.


Prices are quite low– if a website offers a high-quality product at the prices that are far lower than expected, you should ignore the site since no one can offer high-quality products at the lower prices.


Privacy statement– Genuine and reputable site will let you know how they protect your data and if they give any data to third parties. It is always good to make sure that the site has some privacy statement before you purchase and make some worthy shopping online.


If the online shopping website doesn’t have any of the above aspects, better ignore that website and you can go shop and purchase things directly. Is this blog really useful? Which website seems to be fake? Do you know some extra tips to find if a site is fake? Let us know in the comments?

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