How to Buy SSL Certificates? Get Cheap SSL Certificate
How to Buy SSL certificates

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How to Buy SSL certificates?

SSL certificates are one of the most important things to install on your website to ensure the safety of your site and your user’s data.

Buying SSL certificates is not difficult but can be a headache sometimes especially if this is your first time. As the new user you must be having many doubts in your mind before buying an SSL certificate, right?

Let’s clear them one by one.


What is an SSL certificate?

Now if you are new to this field then you must be thinking what exactly means by SSL certificate?

As the name suggests SSL certificates are the certificates that get installed on your website.

Here SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. These certificates ensure the safety and security of the transmission of data that takes place between the user and the website.


They are pretty much like the antiviruses we installed on our computer. As the antiviruses protect your computer for ransom wares, suspicious files, worms, and viruses similarly the SSL certificates protect the websites, its data, and its user’s data by being the antivirus of the website.

SSL certificates are made in such a way that when they get installed on your website the web browser shows the user that your website is secure and the user can put sensitive information on it.

SSL certificates are a way of saying that your website is protected and users don’t have to worry about its personal and private information.


Why one need an SSL certificate?

If you’re looking for buying SSL certificates you must be having a vague idea about why SSL certificates necessary.

SSL certificates not only protect user’s data and establish secure communication but also help the website to score well on an SEO point of view.

Search Engine Optimization is working on your site and creating and developing your website in such a way that it will rank on the search engine result page.


So when you installed this certificate on your site the search engine realizes that your site is more secure than the one without SSL certificates and will rank you higher than those without it.

One another and important reason for buying SSL certificates is to increase the trust of your user on your website.

When a user sees that your website is installed with SSL certificates it the user at ease. But when your website is without the certificate the browser shows the user that the website is not secure and does not enter your sensitive data in it. This will make users unsure about using your site again.


How to select an SSL certificate?

If you are buying an SSL certificate for your website which you are just using for blogging and articles publishing then you don’t need to buy expensive certificates and if your website doesn’t involve any transmission of data other than login, registration, and commenting you don’t need certificates meant for big organization and big eCommerce website.

Although for buying SSL certificates you should keep in mind how you are going to proceed with your website in the future.


If your website is your blog and you used it only for publishing articles buy domain-validated certificates.

If your websites are for your small business or you are running a small organization with the website you need to buy Organization validated certificate. They are more expensive than domain validated certificates but provide additional features.

If you have a big organizational website or a big e-commerce website then the above two mentions certificates will not work, you will need to buy extended validated SSL. They provide the highest level of security and protect the transaction happens between the user and website form the middle man attack.


What needed for buying an SSL certificate?

If you are buying SSL certificates you need these things.

IP address

You need a unique IP address for your domain name to get the SSL certificate issued to your website. The way Certificates authority work is they first check if the IP address of the domain is unique or not.

If you don’t have that it will confuse CA and most probably your request for issuing certificates to your site will get rejected.


Proper paperwork for your business

If you are trying to get organization validated SSL or Extended validated SSL you need to the proper record of your organization in handy. Because Certificates Authority thoroughly check those record and if they find all the records are proper and real only then processed with your request.


Certificates Signing Request

Certificates Signing Request or CSR is a text which is used by Certificates Authority for issuing your website the certificates. CSR contains information about your organization/business, public key, the domain name of your website, and some other things necessary by SSL certificates.

CSR is generated by the website owner on his/her web server which hosts the website.


WHOIS record

WHOIS records are the records maintain globally and is overlooked by an international organization. Your WHOIS record stores your domain name, organization name, and how to contact you.

WHOIS records tell that the domain you are sending a request for issuing SSL is owned by you. Generally, Certificates Authority checks the WHOIS records by sending an email or calling the number provided on the WHOIS records with the domain name.


How much is the processing time for an SSL request?

The SSL certificates issuing time depends on the certificate you are getting. When you send your request with the CSR the Certificates Authority checks all the information after that it looks for the type of the SL certificates you are wanting and then issued it.

If you are requesting Domain Validated SSL it can be issued within minutes or so. As then does not require that much of thorough information.

If you are requesting Organization Validated then it can require 24 hours to 3 days.

Similarly, if you are requesting an Extended Validated SSL certificate you need to wait for 1 to 5 days for getting that certificate.

Still make one thing in mind the issuing time of SSL certificate may vary according to the Certificate authority and your website.

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