Code signing certificate for IOS developers - A Complete Guide
Code signing certificate for IOS developers

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Code signing certificate for iOS developers

Code signing certificate for IOS developers 

Access to the internet is not a major concern nowadays. Most of us use the internet from our mobiles, PC’s, tablets and laptops. Using the internet from mobiles and other portable devices has definitely increased flexibility and also developed an easy way to get information wherever and whatever required.


We also download the contents, information, images and pictures from various sites and applications wherever we want. But with greater flexibility, comes the greater concern of security and frauds. Everyday we come across various cases of cyberattacks, malwares, various viruses that are developed by hackers for data-stealing or whatever the purpose. One recently happened example is the ransomware attack.


So it has become an issue to check the site or an application that we are using is safe or not. There are various ways to check security. One of these ways is the code signing certificate. One of the biggest names in the software industry “Microsoft” has put forth the idea of the code signing certificate.  


In this article we will be able to know:-

1. What code signing certificate actually is? Why is it necessary for IOS developers?

2. What privileges does it provide?

3. What elements code signing certificate for IOS developers include?

4. How can IOS developers get access to the certificate?

5. Why IOS developers require a code signing certificate the most?

6. What is a code signing certificate?


The code signing certificate is a digital certificate that is required in OS It consists of a security key and essential private quality. This private essential quality helps an IOS app developer to certify his/her app by any recognized certificate vendor.


The certified app is further accessed by many users and is trusted upon. When the app developer makes a request for the code signing certificate, a pair of either private and the public key is generated. The certificate provider submits the public key to the app developer along with the certificate and keeps the private key with himself. Code signing certificate is nothing but a digital authentication which justifies the entry of the developer into the code. 


Why is code signing certificate necessary for IOS developers?




The main work of the code signing certificate is to detect whether the source code of the original app is changed or not. If the changes are made in the certificate, it is considered as the application is infected. To check such kind of malware attacks from damaging the application, the code signing certificate is essential. Shortly, it ensures that the code developed by you does not tamper since it is developed.


Also, the main thing it ensues is the authentication. Authentication means it helps in verifying the identity. The identity in today’s world is an issue of concern. So, important work of confirming the identity and maintaining the trust of the customer is done by the code signing certificate. 


Generally, Apple devices owners are not able to access the unauthorized programs in their IOS system because it is extremely sensitive in detecting the alliance with the known certificate providers like Thawte Code Signing Certificate.


There are others too which has an alliance with the certificate providers, such as, the Symantec Code signing certificate, Comodo code signing certificate which provides many advanced facilities such as unlimited validity, infrastructure security for applications using Java, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Mac, Microsoft, etc.


What privileges does it provide? 

Now, if the user has an option whether to download an application on his IOS system which has a certificate signed by a known organization or an ordinary app, which app will you prefer? Definitely the app having the certificate. So, it increases the number of downloads for the company and also maintains the trust relations with the clients along with maintaining the reputation of the company. 


More additionally, it helps in determining whether the changes in the source code is made either accidentally or intentionally. This helps in the protection of the data. 


Code signing certificate does it work even without having the knowledge of the malware attack. Signing the certificate provides the privileges of updating the applications by both the developers and consumers as the system is familiar with the digital signature and has the authentication. 


It is also beneficial 

as it also provides a secure network and also generates the secured environment. Also Apple issues this certification process to protect the right of the developer as the authorized owner of the software. 


What elements code signing certificate includes? 

– Seal – Seal is an important element of code signature. It consists of crucial factors such as code, information, identifier, associated files and more. Any alterations made in the code is detected by the seal.


– Digital signature- digital signature checks the validity of the code and also the developer information. The seal is signed by the digital signature which decrypts the information from all parts of the code. 


– Unique identifier- the identification of the code is obtained from the developer. It is the category in which the code falls. It is necessary to categorize the code as it can be anything and to check the alterations, it should be known by the developer that in which category does the code belong. 


How to get access to the code signing certificate?

For getting a code signing certificate, the app developer has to purchase the certificate from the certificate authority ( CA ) to become the trusted application vendor. 


The steps for the certification process are as follows:-

1. Purchase the code signing certificate.


2. The satisfaction of authentication and identity validation- this process helps you to prove the customer that the app he is purchasing is from the authorized and trusted supplier. It helps in providing the financial, no-financial documents and also the forms of identification. 


3. Installation of the signing certificate- depending on you are a Mac user or a windows user, you need to install the certificate on your keystone or keychain after the verification process is complete. 


4. Sign your code-you can use the code signing certificate and enjoy using it till the validity period ( which is generally for four years ).but signatures which you have signed remain valid also after the validity is complete. 


But you need to sign the certificate by reading and agreeing to all the terms and conditions in the certificate. There are many technical clauses that are mentioned and should be accepted by you for the code to be accepted for certification. Also, there are various equipment on the operating system such as internal requirements, designed requirements etc. which decides whether to run the code or not. 


So, along with the code signing certificate comes many privileges which are essential for maintaining the trust relations as well as the good relations with the costumers. It also benefits the company or application developers with the increase in a number of downloads. So, its pretty cool to have the code signing certificates as it brings many perks along with it or rather it has become the need of the technical world nowadays. 


Why it becomes important for IOS developers to have a code signing certificate?

For people using apple mobiles or laptops else the Mac, it becomes more and more essential to possess the code sign as the IOS system is designed in such a way that it detects the digital signature before opening the content.


As the systems like IOS are not familiar with the device operating system so, the self -signed certificate doesn’t acquire any value. So, it becomes necessary to have the certificate signed from an appropriate vendor who has an alliance with the IOS system. 

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