An Overview about Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin
An Overview about Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

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An Overview about Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

SSL WordPress is something that needs to be discussed clearly since it is a big deal as Google announced that SSL is going to be the best signal for boosting the google ranking for websites. Setting up an SSL certificate is extremely difficult if you are not into the technical field but that’s okay. Pointing name servers, purchasing a new domain and hosting, etc. can be frustrating if you are new to the blogging field. However, setting up SSL for your WordPress website is essential if you want to start a new blog.

So, what SSL can do for Your website?

Although there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugin available in its repository, the best one that many users are trying out is nothing other than Simple SSL for WordPress. This Really simple SSL plugin will save you time and effort that you invested while using other worst plugins. If you want to support the development of any plugin, you should consider buying the new one which has some cool and advanced features.

Pro Features:

  • It boasts a lot of advanced features that get you cool.
  • There is an option for mixed content fixer for the back end.
  • You can configure your site for the future HSTS preload list.
  • It provides detailed feedback on the future configuration page.
  • It boasts a certificate expiration check, which means that you can get an email if your SSL certificate is about to expire. With this plugin, you can enable HTTP Strict Transport security.

What does the plugin Actually do?

While using the really simple SSL plugin, you can easily handle most issues that WordPress has with SSL. For instance, when you are behind a load balancer, reverse proxy, the headers you use in the plugin can detect the issues with SSL. The Really simple SSL WordPress plugin can do a lot more than what you actually expect.

One of the interesting facts is that all incoming requests are directed to https since it is a default WordPress redirect. Also, you can enable the .htaccess redirect. As soon as you start using this plugin, the home URL page and site URL page can be changed to https.

If you find something is inappropriate, you can fix that content by replacing all https://urls with https:// but except some hyperlinks to other domains.

There is a lot of optional debug mode that you fix that content. It provides a way to either edit or removes the review.

If you look for a new plugin, chances are that you might end up with hundreds of thousands of new plugins, but it is good to make sure that the plugin you choose follows more of the WordPress way. If you are undergoing the process of getting a valid SSL certificate, just install it and try to learn from the scratch and you will be an expert over time. Just get to know how to configure your website, after move on to the best plugin that suits your WordPress theme.

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