How to Secure Online Store or Ecommerce Website?
5 Best Ways to Secure Ecommerce or Online Store

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Best Ways to Secure Ecommerce or Online Store

5 best ways to secure E-commerce or online store


The rapid colonization of different parts of e-commerce by unauthorized authority has alarmed us to give it the best protection. Colonization elements include influences by unauthorized segment who try to bring the e-commerce under their rule. The usage, alteration, and destruction have affected many online stores over the time period.


E-commerce security is primarily oriented towards 6 dimensions. The 6 dimensions have resulted in Integrity with fewer chances of access to unauthorized segments to modify data. Nonrepudiation is the common of all and stays as a part of the 6 dimensions to orient prevention of any party (tied to singular) from fading on an agreement after catching up a fact. Authenticity is on the rise especially for authentication of the data source.


Confidentiality, Privacy, and Availability are all the other parts of the 6 dimensions for protection of data from other segments who are not under authority. Individualizing confidentiality, protection is mainly on account of data disclosure. Privacy is attached to a lot of importance for the provision of data control and disclosure. On the other hand, Authority is attached a lot of importance to prevent data delays besides having the anti-removal feature.


The e-commerce is quite flexible and very practical towards domestic, internal or external threats. The state-sponsored or single rogue element threats are also on the following. While terrorists are the oldest form of attackers, the newest and the most threatening cultures include insiders, disgruntled employees, and hackers. This is for these different elements are bonded to the large profile of the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection.


 Unique examples of threats show you the diversity of these E-commerce threats.


2001 and 2000 were enriched with 28 percent and 25 percent of loss of privacy and confidentiality making the data more prone to misuse and abuse respectively.


It is indeed a paradox while these two years we’re suffering data misuse, the percentage of Crackling, eavesdropping, spoofing, and rootkits looked up to 25 percent and 20 percent respectively. Viruses, Trojans, worms, hostile ActiveX and Java flocked to the e-commerce systems by 21 percent and 26 percent respectively.


E-commerce systems we’re wide open and exhibitionist in nature to the immoral system unavailability, denial of service, natural disasters and power interruptions. This was reflected in their percentage of 18 percent and 20 percent respectively. This was, however, the onslaught of the 2001 Information Security Industry Survey.


The survey beamed through Intellectual property threats. The existing materials promoted the invasion of things on the Internet without the owner’s permission. The portal was influenced by discernable elements such as music downloading, cybersquatting and software pirating. There was nothing good on the client computers.


Unadoptable Threats created issues like Trojan Horse, Active contents, Viruses. Communication channel threats have even made e-commerce security more meaningful. Sniffer programs, Backdoors, Spoofing, Denial of Service gave a hint to develop e-commerce security. Server threats we’re versatile and individualistic to privilege setting, SSI( Server Side Include), CGI (Common Gateway Interface), File transfer and Spamming.


Nevertheless, Countermeasures will teach you to be progressive and self-dependent. You should adopt the procedures that recognize, reduce or eliminate a threat.


The Intellectual Property Protection imbibes Legislature and Authentication.


The best things about Client computer protection focus on Privacy with Cookie blockers, neither does it forget the Anonymizers. Digital certificates have come a long way for Browser protection. Antivirus


software is true to the live set of the browser and Forensics feature as Computer technicians. They have their portrayal of Computer Forensics Expertise.


Communication channel protection comes with Encryption. Encryption has made the Public key and Private key ideal. Because of their close affinity to encryption, the Public Key is asymmetric and Private Key is symmetric. They show a true picture of the Encryption standard. The Data Encryption Standard(DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard are vividly portrayed on the Encryption Standard making a powerful medium of Encryption.


There is no disrupting the fact that Protocol offers an easy Secure Socket Layer(SSL). After securing the Secure Socket Layer, you will be able to catch the Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP).


Digital signature involves binding the message originator. The true to Digital Signature provokes the exact content of the message. You are then moved to hash function which is used to transform messages into a 128-bit digest. Thus it caters to the sender’s private key. It is a very powerful tool for encryption of the message digest.


The message+signature presentation is then left to the receiver. The recipient then pleasantly uses the hash function for experiencing the recalculation of the message digest. This is for you get to see the sender’s public key decrypting the message digest. Then it leads to the assimilation of the recalculated message digest.


Server protection gives life-like reality to the dead pages of e-commerce by bringing life to access control and authentication.

Thus documents like   Digital signature from the user, Username and password, Access control list, Firewalls are an insight to the Access Control and Authentication.


The International Computer Security Association promotes a Packet filter firewall, Application-level proxy server, and Stateful packet inspection.


The Packet filter firewall is a very powerful tool of The International Computer Security Association as it effectively checks the IP address of the incoming packet and is an effective portrayal of rejections of the list of untrusted addresses. The untrusted addresses might prick the IP spoofing process.


The application-level proxy server is an excellent medium of propaganda. It promotes the examination of applications used for each individual IP packet. The effective verification of individual IP packet, for example, HTTP and FTP creates authentication.


  • The Stateful packet inspection sets the examination of the IP packet which determines the rejection or approval of the requested communication.


The popularity of security measurement has led to the performing of risk assessment for personally gaining the list of information assets. Thus wanted values value to the firm is fetched.

 You must contend to develop a security policy of written statements to make the policy more realistic and viable. The issues to focus indeed are


*       what assets are prone to corruption and need protection?

*       A proof as to why these assets should be protected.

*      As it has been proved earlier, who is responsible for the protection?

*       The argument on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.


Resort to an  implementation plan to cover the set of action steps which will direct to achieve security goals


There should be proof of a security organization for the resounding administration of the security policy.


Realize a  security audit that will play a significant routine review. That’s a unit for helping to access logs and the distribution of security procedures


ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS are the only medium of payment. They are endowed with unique individuality among remote buyers and sellers in cyberspace. It s because of the vast variety of electronic cash, software wallets, smart cards, credit/debit cards.


 It is quite a natural way of offline payment systems. There have been different experiences of transactions, especially cash, check credit card. Cash amounted to 42 percent. The cheques and credit cards are quite different in percentage amounting to 32 percent and 18 percent individually.


Dollar amounts are highly industrious in nature and come either in cheques or doing credit cards which is of course more than cash. On the other hand, cheques are the most pampered ones to the extent of 52 percent. Credit cards are confined to 21 percent and Cash is confined to 17 percent.


The Security Requirements are a must. As regard Security Requirements, authentication of merchant and consumer are never poles apart. The confidentiality of data is no less a delicacy. Reading the Integration of data and chatting about the Non-repudiation have become the closest measures to the online store’s query.


E-commerce stations are to abide by the SET(Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol. You must enjoy its the company for it had been made on an occasion by MasterCard and Visa. The needs will provide you the ways of secure payment environment for playing the role of transmission of credit card data.


Watching the SET payment transaction, when you treat the merchant with a purchase, you are lectured to transmit encrypted billing information at all times with the Digital Certificate.  The merchant then exposes on transferring the SET-coded transaction which travels to a payment card-processing center. The processing centers decrypt the different transactions which endure frequent transfers.


The shopper has needless to travel to different places for the certification authority certifies the digital certificate. The digital certificate soon visits the shopper. The processing center studies each transaction making it confident to reach the shopper’s bank for his knowledge.


Sincerely the merchant receives notification from the shopper’s bank that the transaction has been hard-worked upon.  The shopper’s payment card account is now charged for the transaction amount. The merchant is now able to ship the prestigious merchandise. On the other hand, the transaction amount is seriously transmitted and lectured into the merchant’s bank for deposit.


Disposable credit card numbers are the strongest in the family. They are pampered for one-time use and are carefreely transmitted to the merchant. You are just going to register with the American Express or Discover. The next taste comes in downloading the software. You will now experience shopping online.


Nevertheless, you are bound to click on the Private Payment Icon. The process is further strengthened when you log in and select the credit card to be used. Rudely or gently, get awakened by the unique, one-time-use credit card number. The process is quite loud for it has its own expiration date. The inauguration of the process gets over once you schedule to enter the one-time-use credit card number and expiration date into the merchant’s standard form.

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