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Comodo Free SSL Certificate


What is Comodo Free SSL?

Free Comodo SSL Certificate is a trial SSL Certificate which is available for 90 days which can be used for testing of HTTPS feature. The free SSL certificate is considered as a Comodo Trial SSL which is installed for 90 days only. The efficiency of the standard Comodo SSL certificate can be checked before anyone purchases the SSL certificate. The issuance of the certificate to the website owner takes less than 5 minutes. The documents are not needed for the installation of the Comodo free SSL certificate. This certificate is only valid for a single domain. The compatibility of the certificate is 99.3% for the browsers and mobiles both. The security seal is provided on the certificate by the SSL certificate authority which builds the customer’s trust in the website encryption. 

Why FREE SSL Certificate?

 benefits1 To test new site’s SSL Security Certificate before it goes live

Highest strength 2048 bit signatures / 256 bit encryption

Secure website free of charge for the next 3 months

See how easy it is to work with Comodo – install your certificate instantly



validation copy



Issuance Time

documents copy

Designed For

Domain Validation

Within Minutes

Learn About SSL

green address bar copy


browser compatibility

Browser compatibility

warranty copy


90 Days

Support 99% Web & Mobile Browser FREE

Full Specifications

validate 1
ValidationDomain Validation
green bar
Green BarNo
issue time c
Issue TimeImmediately
Server LicensingN/A
issue time copy
SecuresOne Domain
browsers copy
Browser Compatibility99%
DocumentsNo Documents Required
certificate encryption copy copy
Certificate EncryptionUp to 256-bit
key encryption copy
Key Encryption2048 – 4096-bit
site seal copy
Site SealCOMODO Static Site Seal
warranty 1
malware moniter copy copy
Free malware monitoringNo
recommend copy copy
Recommended ProviderComodo
trust level copyTrust Level☆☆☆
green bar
Ideal ForTest or Practice purpose

Compare Prices

1.00 Website


Why Choose Comodo Free SSL Certificate?

For the one who is looking for an instant and immediate web server for their website security then a free SSL certificate is the best and perfect choice. There is no commitment cost for the issuance of the free SSL certificate.


The warning messages which appear when the user visits the website will stop coming after the issuance of the Comodo free SSL certificate. It will show the website perfectly secured and encrypted. Some important points about free trial SSL certificate are mentioned below:


  • The cost of a free SSL certificate and essential SSL certificate is the same.
  • The percentage of browsers who trust this certificate is 99.9%.
  • The trusted root certificate authority (CA) is the one that provides a free trial SSL certificate.
  • The security given by the free SSL certificate is fully proof secured and valid for 90 days.


Use of Comodo Free SSL Certificate

  • Used for websites that need instant security.
  • Helps to prevent warning messages on the websites.
  • Helps to test the functions of the SSL certificate within 90 days.
  • The transactions of the customer’s payment will be secured and safe.
  • The process of signing up and enrolment of the free SSL certificate is fast.


The difference between Comodo Trial and Rapid SSL Trial

Similar options just like Comodo trial free SSL certificate is RapidSSL certificate. The validity of this certificate is only 30 days. The issuance of both certificates will be done in minutes. The servers which the Comodo SSL certificate support are HTTP, DNS, and HTTPS validation.


In contrast, only email validation is supported by the RapidSSL certificate. For most of the servers, only the Comodo trial SSL certificate was used. There are most of the private keys which are supported by Comodo certificates named RSA 2048, ECC 256, ECC 384 whether RSA 2048 and RSA 4096 is only supported by other certificate brands. 

How to get a Free SSL Certificate from Comodo?

Before your website goes live, test the new SSL security certificate which is purchased by you. The certificate will be installed instantly. The encryption of 128/256 bit is provided by the free Comodo SSL certificate. There are various products of SSL offered by Comodo. The properties such as secured site seal, trusted logo, free vulnerability scan, and other benefits are given by the Comodo free SSL certificate. 


Steps to Install Free Trial SSL Certificates

  1. Certificate Signing Request (CSR) needs to be created first whose instructions are present in the IIS, Apache, and other web servers.
  2. In the free trial certificate, sign up yourself and allow the fully automated authentication and follow the issuance process.
  3. Now install the certificate and encrypt the website within minutes.

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