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The certificate which allows the website administrators for securing and encrypt unlimited subdomains by a single domain is referred to as the PremiumSSL Wildcard SSL certificate. One of the best solutions for hosting a website from a single domain with several subdomains is the PremiumSSL Wildcard certificate. For example – or This certificate is considering as complete business-validated and it helps to provide validation behind the website of the company or organization. The sensitive data of the customers are secure and safe on the website after the installation of the PremiumSSL wildcard certificate. A padlock symbol appears on the address bar which ensures visitors that their data is secure.

For example, you can secure:

Reasons to Choose Sectigo or Comodo Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate

The protection and encryption provided by the SSL certificate are for one web page only at one time whereas protection to an unlimited subdomain is provided by Wildcard SSL certificate. This is the strong safety property for your website which helps to increase the trust in the consumers on the website and simultaneously website trafficking increases. The bounce rates of the website reduce, the number of referrals increase, and the rate of conversion become high due to the installation and encryption of the Premium Wildcard SSL certificate.

Advantages of PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificate

Some features or benefits of the PremiumSSL wildcard certificate are:

  • The multi-domain system is secured by a single certificate.
  • Completely validated for the business sites.
  • Browser compatibility is 99.9%
  • The warranty of the certificate is $2,50,000.
  • Most of the popular browsers trust this certificate.
  • Root keys are 2048-bit which makes the certificate futureproof.
  • Encryption of 256-bit.
  • Complete support on telephone, email, and websites.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30-days.
  • Free technical support is provided 24/7.
  • The re-issuance policy of the certificate is unlimited.
  • The time of issuance is 1-3 days.
  • A trusted secure site seal is present on the certificate.
  • Display of domain and business name on the certificate.
  • Unlimited server licenses are free.

PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificate

The PremiumSSL Wildcard certificate is best suited for both large organizations and small web hosting. It will save their time and money of the business owner by providing protection and encryption to multi-domain or unlimited subdomains. For example –,,,

The process of validation of the PremiumSSL wildcard certificate is completed in 2 steps which makes this certificate highly trusted by the organizations and enhances the confidence of users. The issuance speed of the certificate is also fast and takes 1-3 days of time only.

The dynamic secured trust site seal is provided on the certificate which displays in the address bar of the website has a padlock symbol. The customers are no way around rather than trusting the website because security and protection are provided to the data of the customers properly and in a serious manner.


PremiumSSL Wildcard Certificate is the one that gives protection, security, and encryption to unlimited numbers of subdomains of a single domain. Some very interesting features of the certificate like trusted site seal, a padlock symbol in the address bar, money-back guarantee, high encryption, and many more increase the trust of the purchaser on the certificate, and users also build up their trust in the website which reduces the bounce rates of the website and increase website traffic.

Full Specifiction

  • Validation :
    Organization Validation
  • Green Bar :
  • Issue Time :
    1-3 Days
  • Server Licensing :
  • Browser Compatibility :
  • Documents :
    Company Documents Required
  • Ideal For :
    Medium Size Company, NGO, Organization, Medium E-commerce Shops
  • Trust Level :
  • 0 :
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