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What is Comodo EV SSL?

EV SSL Certificate or Extended Validation SSL Certificate mainly important to build the trust of the customers on the website. The company name and details are mentioned in the green address bar after EV SSL certificate installation which helps to understand the users about the security of the website. The confidence of the customers increases on the website and securely completes their transactions. The sale rate of the business website increases because of the secured EV SSL certificate. The level of encryption provided by the certificate is high along with strict validation. It will form a protective shield against any phishing or third-party attack on the information or data of the website.

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validation copy



Issuance Time

documents copy

Documents Require

Extended Validation

1-5 Days

Business registration documents

warranty copy


green address bar copy

Green Bar Assurance

Free Trust Seal


Yes Free TrustLogo site seal

Full Specifications

validate 1
ValidationExtended Validation
green bar
Green BarYes
issue time c
Issue Time1-5 Days
Server LicensingUnlimited
issue time copy
SecuresSingle Domain
browsers copy
Browser Compatibility99%
DocumentsCompany Documents
certificate encryption copy copy
Certificate EncryptionUp to 256-bit
key encryption copy
Key Encryption2048 bit
site seal copy
Site SealCOMODO Site Seal
warranty 1
malware moniter copy copy
Free malware monitoringNo
recommend copy copy
Recommended ProviderComodo
trust level copyTrust Level☆☆☆☆☆
green bar
Ideal ForEcommerce / Online Shop, Online retailers, Education, Banks & Healthcare

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Who Should Install EV SSL Certificate?

The merchants of the e-commerce websites should use an EV SSL certificate. The website owner should have an assured proven identity. If the website needs a high level of encryption and appropriate trust of customers, then EV SSL certificate installation is the only choice. The third-party attackers and hackers always try to find loopholes in the big company websites so that they can launch their phishing attacks. For example – banks, popular brands companies, and big financial institutions are the common attacking websites by hackers. The sites which mostly deal with consumer transactions are highly recommended for the EV SSL certificate.

EV SSL Certificate Features or Benefits

Some of the common benefits of the EV SSL certificate are:

  • Encryption assurance of about 256-bit.
  • Customer trust is boosted by seeing the green address bar.
  • Free trusted logo secured site seal is present on the certificate.
  • Money-back guarantee within 30 days.
  • The duration of the certificate is 1, 3, or 5 years.
  • Highest level of encryption and authentication.
  • The certificate will be issued within 1-5 days.
  • Certificate warranty $1,750,000
  • 99.9% of web and mobile browsers are well recognized.
  • The organization name and details are mentioned on the certificate.

Visual Verification of EV SSL Certificate

The delivery of visual verification is given by the EV SSL certificate with proper authenticity. The ease of deployment and maintenance is ultimately managed by the certificate.

  • The legal operating name of the organization will be displayed on the major browsers.
  • A secured site seal is provided by the EV SSL certificate whose functionality helps to shows the verified company name.
  • Various enhanced properties like high warranties and liability protection offered by EV SSL certificate.
  • It is difficult for online fraudsters to break the process of Extended Validation in the EV SSL certificate.
  • The compatibility of the certificate for all the browsers is the highest.


EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate is the one that provides the proper and highest level of security and protection to the websites. The information and data present on the website will be secured properly. The business owners whose website is consulted with transactions and required personal information of the users should install EV SSL certificate. The 15-day return policy of the certificate helps to check the quality and encryption of the certificate accurately. The trusted secures site seal is provided by the Certificate Authority on the certificate to ensure the customer’s proper encryption of information.

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