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Trust is the topmost key to success for any public or private organization. The best to develop this trust in the mind and heart of the users to make yourself a legal company. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates help your organization to become certified and display the real side of the company in front of users by showing the name and details of the company on the site seal and certificate. The PremiumSSL certificate is the one that helps to secure and encrypt the information present in e-commerce websites. It is a complete package of trust which provides visual assurance to the customers.

The legal registration of the business with the correct Government Registration Agency is very important. The company address and contact details which you mention while applying for the legal registration or PremiumSSL certificate issuance must be similar to the one which you have listed for users publicly. If both do not match, then you will not receive any verification call. Some paperwork also needs to be completed for proving your identity. The registered domain name has to be the legal name of the organization and publicly visible. The visitors should able to see all the necessary information on the website which builds their trust.

Benefits of Sectigo or Comodo PremiumSSL Certificate

There are various features or advantages of the PremiumSSL certificate:

  • Completely validated certificate for business.
  • Topmost trusted SSL certificate with 2048-bit.
  • The range of browser coverage is 99.9%.
  • Server licenses provided by the certificate are unlimited.
  • The re-issuance policy of the certificate is unlimited.
  • Trustmark secured site seal provides on the certificate.
  • The refund policy of 30-days.
  • The range of encryption of the certificate is 128/256 bit.
  • Technical support for 24/7 on mail, phone, or website.
  • The cost of the certificate is reasonable.
  • Party relying on warranty $250,000.
  • Time of issuance of the certificate is 1-3 days.
  • Display of domain and business name on the certificate.
  • Secure and protect a single domain.

Authentication of PremiumSSL Certificate

PremiumSSL certificate requires a complete verification so that validation of the organization can be completed properly and accurately. The authentication of the certificate will be completed after the telephonic verification by the business owner or purchaser of the certificate. It is a cost-effective certificate and provides a 4-year bundle package so that owner can hassle-free himself/herself from renewing the certificate every year.

The PremiumSSL certificate is economically trusted by a high number of internet population which makes it compatible with almost every browser. After verifying all the documents and details of the organization, the Certificate Authority (CA) takes very little time for issuing the certificate. The speed of PremiumSSL certificate issuance is faster than any other security certificate.


PremiumSSL certificate is the one that provides security and encryption to a single domain with various benefits such as trusted site seal, 128/256-bit encryption, 24/7 technical support, less issuance time, high warranty, etc. This certificate will be an issue and install instantly which satisfies the business owner. The highly protection and encryption service helps to build customer confidence on the website which increases traffic on the website and decreases bounce rates

Full Specifiction

  • Validation :
    Organization Validation
  • Green Bar :
  • Issue Time :
    1-3 Days
  • Server Licensing :
  • Browser Compatibility :
  • Documents :
    Company Documents Required
  • Ideal For :
    Medium Size Company, NGO, Organization, Medium E-commerce Shops
  • Trust Level :
  • 0 :
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