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Godaddy Deluxe SSL (OV)

Godaddy Deluxe SSL (OV)

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What is Godaddy Deluxe SSL Certificate?

Godaddy Deluxe SSL Certificate- an Organization validated SSL Certificate that protects payments & customer data. The certificate is backed by up to $250,000 in liability protection. The certificate makes use of SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption to discontinue hackers of their tracks.


validation copy



Issuance Time

documents copy

Documents Require

Organization Validation

1-2 Days

Company Documents

warranty copy


browser compatibility

Browser compatibility

Free Trust Seal


Support 99% Web & Mobile Browser  Yes

Full Specifications

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ValidationOrganization Validation
green bar
Green BarNo
issue time c
Issue Time1-2 Days
Server LicensingUnlimited
issue time copy
SecuresOne domain & all subdomains (Also available for multiple domains)
browsers copy
Browser Compatibility99%
DocumentsComapny Documents Required
certificate encryption copy copy
Certificate EncryptionUp to 256-bit
key encryption copy
Key Encryption2048 bit
site seal copy
Site SealYes
warranty 1
malware moniter copy copy
Free malware monitoringN/A
recommend copy copy
Recommended ProviderGodaddy
trust level copyTrust Level☆☆☆☆
green bar
Ideal ForMedium Size Company, NGO, Organization, Medium E-commerce Shops

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Godaddy Deluxe SSL Certificate comes with the most popular security symbols like https:// before URL and padlock.

Security Encryption

The certificate provides security encryption of 128-256 bit to protect data. It’s secure any personal information, number of the pay card when placing an order or login credentials.

Godaddy Site Seal

A site seal gives customers confidence in your web services or business. A user can see company’s data and evidence of using SSL Certificate by clicking on site seal. A site seal makes a website more trustworthy.

Browser support

Godaddy Deluxe SSL Certificate supports all major browser vendors, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

SEO Benefits

An HTTPS/SSL Certificate is considered as Google ranking factor. Godaddy Deluxe SSL is very helpful security element that also provides ranking boost in search engines.

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