True BusinessID SSL - Buy GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate at $56/Yr
Geotrust True BusinessID

GeoTrust True BusinessID

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What is GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL?

GeoTrust True businessid is a business class SSL Certificate designed to protect online transactions with 256 bit encryption. You are going to have boundless server licenses, unlimited free reissues with Geotrust True Businessid SSL Certificate. Your business registration needs to be authenticated to obtain this certificate as GeoTrust verifies your ownership of the domain name as well as business registration.


validation copy



Issuance Time

documents copy

Documents Require

Organization Validation

1-2 Days

Company Documents

warranty copy


browser compatibility

Browser compatibility

Free Trust Seal

$1.25M USD

Support 99% Web & Mobile Browser  Yes

Full Specifications

validate 1
ValidationOrganization Validation
green bar
Green BarNo
issue time c
Issue Time1-3 Days
Server LicensingUnlimited
issue time copy
SecuresSingle Domain
browsers copy
Browser Compatibility99%
DocumentsCompany Documents Required
certificate encryption copy copy
Certificate EncryptionUp to 256-bit
key encryption copy
Key Encryption2048 bit
site seal copy
Site SealYes
warranty 1
Warranty$1.25M USD
malware moniter copy copy
Free malware monitoringN/A
recommend copy copy
Recommended ProviderGeotrust
trust level copyTrust Level☆☆☆☆
green bar
Ideal ForMedium Size Company, NGO, Organization, Medium E-commerce Shops

Compare Prices

218.00 Website
99.00 Website
99.00 Website
80.00 Website
80.00 Website
79.00 Website
64.00 Website
63.00 Website
56.00 Website


Strong Encryption

With GeoTrust True BusinessID, you can get the guarantee of strong encryption. The certificate is issued by one of the most reliable certificate authority Geotrust.


The certificate is inherently trusted by 99.9% of the current Internet population

Static Site Seal

GeoTrust True BusinessID comes with Site seal to show visitors the website as high protection against hackers and phishing attacks.

Improve Google Ranking

HTTPS is considered as ranking factor as per Google’s latest Algorithm and GeoTrust True BusinessID helps your website and all sub domains for boosting search engine ranking.


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