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What is AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate?

AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificate is a single SSL Certificate and cost effective way which secure all your subdomains. Protect your website with the full proof security from the AlphaSSL wildcard certificate. AlphaSSL wildcard provides the best SSL certificates in the market. With fast issuing time and the cheap rate, AlphaSSL certificates give you round the clock web security. Be stress-free with the 2048-bit security and SHA 2 algorithm which protect your and your user’s data entirely.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important parts of the internet. It gets introduced to the internet itself. As the internet is nothing but the connection of various computers cybersecurity is also meant by protection computer connection.

But when we talk about web security, the first thing that comes to our mind is SSL certificates.

SSL certificate works as the first guard post whenever somebody tries to steal or enter the website. It performs the security check with anybody trying to enter the website.

Hence installing the SSL certificate on your website is a must and required also.

SSL certificates generally store the domain name, hostname. It also stores the organization’s name and its address.

SSL certificates are very useful in increasing the websites the SEO score.

Now you must be wondering where you should buy the SSL certificate, try the AlphaSSL wildcard certificate.

Very Strong Encryption

As the SSL certificate uses the 2048-bit encryption it provides the best encryption there is. It uses asymmetric encryption.

In SSL the encryption takes place with the help of 2 keys. Private Key and Public Key. Here private keys are available with the owner only, nobody else has access to the private key of others.

The public key is available to everyone. Which means everyone has access to the public key of everyone. General working of the private key and the public key is that messages sent to somebody can be encrypted with their public key and decrypted only by their private key.

In SSL, encryption takes place with these two keys making the interaction between computers smooth.


Cheap Price

If you own a small business and want to have the website you first have to invest some money for making the website. Even after making a website if you want your website to be trusted by the user you need to add an SSL certificate.

After installing SSL certificates on your site search engine show that the site is secure. So if you have a low budget then it is difficult for you to buy and install the SSL certificates from companies providing SSL certificates with high cost.

GlobalSign AlphaSSL certificates are low cost as compare to other certificates offering companies.


Unlimited Servers

The certificates form the GlobalSign AlphaSSL are applied to multi-domains. So it is possible to apply the certificates on unlimited physical servers. Making it more affordable.


Secured Algorithm

GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard uses the SHA2 algorithm for securing data.

SHA stands for Secure Hash Algorithm. SHA2 is an advanced version of the SHA1.

It uses the hash value for encryption. Hash value encryption isa lightweight encryption algorithm meaning whenever the data is encrypted with the hash value the size of data reduces significantly.

Because of this algorithm, the speed of authentication becomes very easy.



GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard uses Domain validation. Although it is the lowest level of validation for small business websites and personal websites domain validation SSL certificates are enough.

In domain validation, the Certificate authority only validates the domain name with the email. The process takes place with sending emails by the Certificate Authority to the email account registered with the domain name.

For validation, no document verification is needed making the process easy and simple.


Less Time requirement

GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard certificates required very little time for issuing. Sometimes it required 2 to 3 minutes and sometimes it required less than an hour. But as said earlier the issuing time is very less compare to other certificates.


Browser Compatibility

The certificate is compatible with any browser. This compatibility is very necessary for the user. When users visit your website if it has an SSL certificate installed on it the browser shows that website is secure and you can input your data in it.

When the user sees that your website is secure it increases the trust amongst the users.

It also improves your SEO score. The website having SSL certificates rank higher than the website lacking the SSL certificates.


Client OS compatibility

GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard is also compatible with the clients. This means it does not matter if clients are using the windows as the operating system or macOS as the operating system.

SSL certificates from GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard is compatible with any operating system.



The company gives the $10000 guarantee about their SSL certificates. It shows that they fully trust their product and are ready to pay $10000 if they don’t deliver as they promise.


Mobile Support

The GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard certificates give the mobile support also.

As in today’s time, many people use the internet through their mobile phone and many big search engine companies like Google are improving their browsers to support mobile compatibility.

In such a situation if your website SSL certificate shows the mobile support it is a good reason to trust your website by users.


Money-back Guarantee

GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard offers the 30-day money-back guarantee. So even if you paid for the certificates but after using it for some time you found it that you need some other kind of SSL certificates you can uninstall the certificates form your site and you will get your money back.

Now let’s see some of the drawbacks of the GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard SSL certificates.


Low-level validation

As the certificate uses the domain level validation it is not preferable for e-commerce sites.

Ecommerce sites require extended validation SSL making the GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard SSL certificate useless for them.


Less secure

The GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard SSL is less secure as it uses domain validation. And this factor might affect the transactional process on the website.


No green bar

These certificates when installed on the site does not give a green bar in the browser. Meaning whenever you search a website who has installed an SSL certificate sometime the browser shows that sites address with the green bar make it very secure sites. These are the case in found with the site which involved financial Transaction.

But GlobalSign AlphaSSL wildcard SSL certificates do not give the green bar in the browser

Full Specifiction

  • Validation :
    Domain Validation
  • Green Bar :
  • Issue Time :
    Within Minutes
  • Server Licensing :
  • Browser Compatibility :
  • Documents :
    No Documents Required
  • Ideal For :
    Blog, Personal Website, Basic Websites and Small Web Projects
  • Trust Level :
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