Smart TV Security: What is Smart TV and How to Prevent Smart TV Hacks?
Smart TV Security

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What is a Smart TV and the Privacy Risks of a Smart TV?

What is a smart TV and the privacy risks of a smart TV?

More and more devices are manufactured by the company that is capable to connect with the internet. However, the potential risks of smart TVs and other smart home device technology might not have been considered. One of the favorite entertainment devices of people in the present time is smart TVs because prices have decreased and quality has increased. Some offers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Chromecast, etc., are provided by smart TVs for your convenience of a one-stop-shop and you can stream various services. 

What is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is any TV that can be connected to the internet. Several services can be streamed by the user like run social media apps, internet browsing, online internet channels, online shopping apps, and on-demand video services. Some voice-recognition virtual assistant services of smart TVs include Amazon’s Alexa. This will help to switch channels, modulate volume, and search programs. Good popularity is gained by the smart TVs in some years. It is easy to navigate for the users between streaming services and social media on their TV. This can be done in a similar way as they would do on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The service of the voice command is also an additional feature in the smart TVs that help people to use them more easily and conveniently. They also work excellent for gaming services. As compared to regular TV, picture quality and image sharpness on a smart TV are much better. The content in some new models of smart TVs has 4K Ultra HD quality that shows high picture quality and sound. 

Brands of Smart TV

  • Sony: A wide of android TVs provided by Sony company that mainly focus on picture and sound quality. Sony smart TVs use 4K HDR that gives a great experience while playing the game on PlayStation. To increase the convenience, new models of Sony smart TVs have Chromecast and Google Assistant. 
  • Samsung: The smart TVs of Samsung company come with HDR plus that makes the image quality sharper with more realistic colors. To enhance the backlight of the deepness of the blacks and brightness of the whites, Samsung used ultra slim array fine-tunes in their smart TV. It gives the user a great sensation of contrast. The new models of Samsung smart TVs come with a virtual assistant named Bixby voice that helps to do streaming and watch live TV shows along with a universal guide, one remote, and a voice assistant. 
  • LG: The latest smart TVs of LG company comes with Google Assistant built-in that helps the user to stream their favorite channels or programs and also control their compatible home devices like changing light settings, room temperature adjustment, etc.

Smart TV Streaming Services

There are various streaming services provided by smart TVs:

  • Netflix: The streaming online service named Netflix works well on smart TVs. There are some specific criteria that smart TVs need to meet such as Netflix Recommended TVs. The 7 criteria are mentioned below out of which 5 is mandatory to meet by the smart TVs:
  1. The startup of the TV should be instantly and apps should be ready to use in the right way.
  2. Launching of Netflix app quickly.
  3. To start the TV press, the Netflix button on the remote control, and a single button can start the Netflix.
  4. The icon present on the TV menu helps to easily access the Netflix app.
  5. The TV remembers whatever you are doing and turned off to that place and when you again turn on the TV then it wakes up in the same place.
  6. The resolution provided by the TV should be 1080p for crisp text and clear images.
  7. The latest version of Netflix should be upgraded in the TV.


  • Hulu: Hulu subscription-based service is already built in some smart TVs into their hard drive. You can simply log in to your already existing account and immediately watch shows. If it is not, then you can easily download the free app of Hulu and connect to the account. Some add-ons offer by Hulu like HBO, Showtime, and live TV.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Several branded smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony already come with Amazon Prime Video App. Log in to your amazon account to get access to Amazon Prime video content.
  • Sling TV: Sling TV app is already preloaded on most smart TVs. If not, then you can easily download it and access its services on your smart TVs.

Risks Linked with Smart TVs

In theory, one of the highly evolved devices that provide various benefits and options to the user is smart TVs such as streaming, browsing, and gaming. But some risks of using smart TVs are also there which should be considered before buying any smart TV. For example – privacy. After connecting your smart TV to the internet then it can track all your searching and watching information. By using this information, they start showing ads that catered to your way of life. There are very few smart TVs that come with a turn-off option like tracking but most TVs have this in their default settings that cannot get changed. Also, hacking can be done with smart TVs as well similar to other internet-connected devices. By spying or malware, the webcams of the smart TVs can be hacked.

How to avoid Smart TV Privacy risks?

The best way is to disconnect your smart TV from your home network. Avoid built-in webcams TVs to access some perks of smart technology. Go for low-tech if the webcam is already present in your TV but the best way is to block it. You may not know who is tracking your webcam and seeing your habits and surfing. If you feel about this issue, contact the government representative that helps you with better regulation and transparency. Always check your smart TV settings and keep these tips in your mind so that you can avoid privacy risks in your smart TVs. 

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