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Basic SSL Knowledge

An SSL Certificate is a secure way to send a request to the server from a client. It provides authentication between a server and a client computer in a Web application. An SSL Certificate authenticates servers and authenticates clients to prove the identities of parties engaged in secure communication.

Example of HTTPS site

digicert ssl sample

Basic Use of SSL Certificate

Authentication –

With the increasing number of Internet-enabled devices, it crucial to allow secure communication and trusted environment on a website. An SSL Certificate provides an authentication to a website that helps to gain trust of user/customer. It authenticates your business detail and domain ownership so user can move through website with their sensitive information without any fear.

Encryption –

An SSL Certificate encrypt website data with 256-bit security. It protects all information flows between user and browser so outsider malicious person will not rectify it. It is an effective technique to prevent interception. Encryption can be one of the best ways to keep information safe.

Protection –

When a user sends data to someone over the internet, there are numerous points at which it can be intercepted. An SSL Certificate encrypts all this information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. It keeps all online sensitive data secure.

Avoid Phishing –

Phishing is a scam used by hackers or cyber criminals to steal your personal information. An SSL Certificate plays crucial role to stop phishing attacks and malware attackers from accessing personal information. An SSL Certificate ensures that you are dealing with an actual company and not fake ones.

Improve user’s trust –

An online business need to show that your organization is trustworthy and secured for any transactions. An SSL Certificate and trust seal are essential that make sure a user about the data security. It proves to end users that your site is safe by displaying trust indicators like https, padlock or green address bar.

SEO Boost –

Google has confirmed that HTTPS or adding an SSL Certificate on your site will give you extra ranking boost. Now more webmasters will need to consider improving their website security practices and thus directly improve users’ experience.