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1. How many domain names do you desire to protect?

A Single Domain
You want to install SSL Certificate protect single domain like
Multiple Domain
You wish to add a single certificate on multiple domain names like
Multiple Sub Domain
You want to protect multiple sub domains with a single certificate like,
I am in Doubt
You don’t know how many domain you want to secure

2. Why you need a SSL Certificate?

Small Business Website
You want a secure connection to protect your website and improve Google ranking
Organization Website Protection
You wish to protect your business/organization or online store website by displaying organization name on the certificate
Green Address Bar (EV)
You want high security for your ecommerce website,banking or financial website to protect sensitive information and improve customer’s trust
I am in Doubt
You don’t know which security is best suitable for your website

3. How important is to gain customer’s trust?

Basic Reliability
Your customer will not share personal information but want to ensure your website is safe.
High Reliability
You need more security to protect online communication and need to show organization detail on the certificate
Extremely high Reliability
You online business/ecommerce website will store sensitive information and a green address bar is highly required to improve customer’s confidence
I am in Doubt
I am not sure which type of SSL Security will comfortable for my website