How to Install SSL Certificate on FileZilla? A Complete Guide

How To Install an SSL Certificate for FileZilla?

Before starting the installation process, please make sure you’ve created your CSR and also received your SSL Certificate files from the trusted Certificate authorities-

Once you’ve done these both task, let’s jump on the installation process –

Open FileZilla server Options in FileZilla Server and browse and click on Edit > Settings

SSL on filezilla

Open the FileZilla Server Options and go to SSL/TLS Settings

ssl installation on filezilla


check Enable SSL/TLS support, On the right side, under SSL/TLS settings


In Private Key file, browse the location of the key file (created at the time of CSR).


Enter .pem certificate file that contains the server certificate + intermediate certificate, in the Certificate file box


Click OK.


Your SSL Certificate is now installed and ready to use


SSL installation Checker:

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