Comodo SSL (Sectigo) vs GoDaddy SSL Certificate - Compare & Buy

Compare GlobalSign SSL vs Comodo SSLĀ (Sectigo) Certificate

comodo logoGlobalsign SSL

$7.88 /yr

$249 /yr

Validity Options1-2 Years1-2 Years
Security LevelLow - HighMedium - High
Trust LevelLow - HighMedium - High
Browser Compatibility99%99%
Trust SealYesYes
Free ReissueUnlimitedUnlimited
Server LicenseUnlimitedUnlimited
Mobile Device Compatibility99%99%
Free Certificate Management ToolYesYes
Malware ScanningYesNo
vulnerability scanningYesNo
Wildcard SupportAvailableAvailable
Types of SSLDV, OV, EVDV, OV, EV
Trial SSL90 DaysNo
SAN FeatureYesYes
Green Address BarYesYes
Reseller FeatureYesYes
SEO BoostYesYes
Customer SupportYesYes
Maximum Warranty$250000$150000
Best ForAll BusinessAll Business

Brand Reputation: GlobalSign has built a strong reputation for its commitment to digital security, serving as a reliable CA. Comodo SSL (Sectigo), a well-known name in the SSL industry, has rebranded to Sectigo, continuing its legacy of providing cybersecurity solutions. Both brands are associated with trust and online safety.

Validation Levels: GlobalSign SSL and Comodo SSL (Sectigo) offer SSL certificates with various validation levels. Both provide Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV) certificates for encrypting data transmissions. Comodo SSL (Sectigo) takes an additional step by offering Extended Validation (EV) certificates, which undergo stringent verification processes and display the organization’s name in the browser’s address bar, reinforcing user trust.

Certificate Variety: GlobalSign offers a range of SSL certificates, including Domain, Wildcard, and Multi-Domain options. Comodo SSL (Sectigo) provides a diverse selection of certificates, catering to a wide spectrum of security needs. Their offerings encompass EV certificates, suitable for businesses seeking the highest level of validation.

Features and Advantages: GlobalSign emphasizes features such as rapid issuance and an intuitive management platform. Comodo SSL (Sectigo) incorporates features like vulnerability assessments, website seals, and malware scanning, enhancing the security posture of their certificates.

Customer Support: Both GlobalSign and Comodo SSL (Sectigo) offer customer support to assist users with certificate installation and management. GlobalSign’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures users receive expert assistance. Comodo SSL (Sectigo) capitalizes on its extensive experience and user base to provide comprehensive guidance.

Browser Compatibility: Certificates from both GlobalSign and Comodo SSL (Sectigo) are universally recognized and compatible with major browsers, ensuring a consistent and secure browsing experience for users.

Warranty and Pricing: Both GlobalSign and Comodo SSL (Sectigo) certificates come with warranty coverage, offering financial protection against security breaches. Pricing varies based on certificate type, features, and validation level. GlobalSign’s pricing structure caters to users seeking top-tier solutions, while Comodo SSL (Sectigo) presents a spectrum of choices accommodating different budgets.