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Data security checklist

Data security checklist for e-commerce or online store

The guiding of safe electronic transactions, online buying, and selling of products with security refers to as E-commerce security. The services ...

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increase website trust

10 Ways You Can Make Your Website More Trustworthy

HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE TRUSTWORTHY? INTRODUCTION Trust is a very important factor between the customer and the owner. The relationship...

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Authentication vs Authorization

Difference between Authentication vs Authorization

Authentication and authorization, sounds similar? You may have heard these two words without knowing that they refer to different terminologies....

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What is Website Security Certificate

What is Website Security Certificate? Use and Importance of a Security Certificate

Website Security Certificates are an important part of building a trustworthy environment that ensures the user of his/her privacy and keeps the ...

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web security browser

How to Check Website Security in Different Browsers?

As Google moves to change how its Chrome browser flags insecure websites, rival browsers may be forced to follow suit. Here’s how other bro...

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