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Asymmetric cryptography - public and private key

PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY – The puzzle of the private and public keys

Public Key and Private Key Pair: How it Works Whenever we disclose any of our private information (or any type of info that might hamper our live...

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What is OpenSSL and how it works

OPEN SSL – The Hero Barely Talked About

When we see the HTTPS, HTTP connection of a visited website most of us can’t differentiate between them. We ask ourselves what difference the s...

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Where to Buy a Cheap SSL Certificate in India?

SSL certificates are a must, to prevent the user from receiving browser warnings, threats from hackers, etc. But how to get a hold of these so-ca...

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What is SMIME

What is S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)?

Ever wondered what an average number of emails sent per day is?  It’s 293.6 billion. That many numbers of emails are sent each day, on an aver...

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How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS

HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure which is nothing but an extension of HTTP but with an issued SSL certificate which ensures se...

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