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Wordpress ssl error

How to solve SSL Issue in WordPress Website

SSL error is something which has become so common. When you move SSL to WordPress, there are certain errors which are deemed to occur. Fixing all...

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wordpress security


WordPress is an infamous and world’s largest platform for those who love jotting down their thoughts in the form of words. This content managem...

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Let’s Encrypt vs Paid SSL

Compare Let’s Encrypt vs Paid SSL Certificate

With SSL Certificates becoming a mainstream need for online businesses, everyone started looking for affordable options. Let’s Encrypt has leve...

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free vs paid ssl certificate

Free vs Paid SSL Certificate – Find the major Difference

With Google labeling SSL Certificates as obligatory, everyone from a nascent blogger to a full-fledged Internet entrepreneur decided to get one f...

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guide to ssl

A Complete Guide to SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates were developed in 1994 but they were not pursued aggressively till 2015 because Internet was not so hazardous back then. With al...

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