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Is It Important To Have An SSL Certificate?

SSL indisputably stands for Security Sockets Layer. We have all heard of this fable in which a public key infrastructure on seeing the hackers st...

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google crhome security

Google Chrome to Remove ‘Not-secure’ Warning

Google’s browser will also begin to flash warnings about HTTP websites Upcoming versions of Google’s Chrome will kill off some of browser...

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data breach

5 Steps to Reduce Risk after a Data Breach

The dawn of the new millennium has thrown up a plethora of website database breaches. They were earlier hitherto unknown, and they have made the ...

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You have Two Months to Switch Your Website to HTTPS

As far as Google is concerned, unencrypted HTTP web connections should be nearing the end of the road. In 2014 at the I/O conference, it declared...

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types of ssl

Types of SSL Certificate

Before buying a security product or SSL Certificate, it’s crucial to do basic homework to find the best SSL Certificate that fulfills your secu...

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