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Install SSL on SonicWall

How to Install SSL on SonicWall

The term SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a standard security protocol which is used for establishing the encrypted links between a brow...

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SSL Common Name Mismatch

One Time Solution for all Your SSL Common Name Mismatch Error

While SSL is a problem solver but very often it also runs into problems. Well! The problems that your SSL Certificate runs into can be easily avo...

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The Role of SSL certificate in Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

In a paradigm shift, Google has rendered non-SSL sites as Not Secure. Every time someone tries to access a non-SSL site from Google Chrome, he or...

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self signed ssl

How to Create Self-Signed SSL using OpenSSL

Why is Open SSL the best option for creating Self-Signed SSL? SSL Certificates have been around for more than a decade now but it was recently wh...

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understading ssl tls

Understanding TLS/SSL by Getting into the Details

Now that we have a basic understanding of what TLS and SSL are let’s get into the details and get to know the varied nuances of these layers. W...

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