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hashing algorithm

What is Hashing Algorithm? How it works?

What is Hashing Algorithm? The word Hashing algorithms explain that they are encryption algorithms. Though, there is a little of which is used mo...

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types of code signing

Types of Code Signing Certificate

Introduction   A Certificate Authority issues it and it is a type of digital certificate. The information that is contained within it usuall...

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what is digital signature

What is a Digital Signature? How Digital Signatures Work?

Digital signature is a statistical plan for confirming the authenticity of binary messages or files. A correct digital signature is one where the...

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How Code Signing Certificate Works

Code signing is a process for signaling manuscripts using certificates that are used by people who develop the software. The software developers ...

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benefits of ssl - why ssl

Why SSL Certificate is Important? Benefits of SSL Certificate?

Introduction of SSL Certificate   SSL is the short term for Secure Sockets Layer. In simple words, it is a type of security system which est...

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